[tor-commits] [snowflake/master] Explain more in usage.

dcf at torproject.org dcf at torproject.org
Fri Mar 31 02:16:53 UTC 2017

commit 80acfbd8d8add1950a3eb529615281003e624568
Author: David Fifield <david at bamsoftware.com>
Date:   Fri Jan 20 14:55:19 2017 -0800

    Explain more in usage.
 server/server.go | 14 +++++++++-----
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/server/server.go b/server/server.go
index 0ff736b..9ebe255 100644
--- a/server/server.go
+++ b/server/server.go
@@ -41,11 +41,15 @@ var ptInfo pt.ServerInfo
 var handlerChan = make(chan int)
 func usage() {
-	fmt.Printf("Usage: %s [OPTIONS]\n\n", os.Args[0])
-	fmt.Printf("WebSocket server pluggable transport for Tor.\n")
-	fmt.Printf("Works only as a managed proxy.\n")
-	fmt.Printf("\n")
-	fmt.Printf("  -h, -help   show this help.\n")
+	fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, `Usage: %s [OPTIONS]
+WebSocket server pluggable transport for Snowflake. Works only as a managed
+proxy. Uses TLS with ACME (Let's Encrypt) by default. Set the certificate
+hostnames with the --acme-hostnames option. Use ServerTransportListenAddr in
+torrc to choose the listening port. When using TLS, if the port is not 443, this
+program will open an additional listening port on 443 to work with ACME.
+`, os.Args[0])

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