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    forward-port changelog
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+Changes in version - 2017-08-01
+  Tor improves the performance of consensus diff
+  calculation, fixes a crash bug on older versions of OpenBSD, and fixes
+  several other bugs. If no serious bugs are found in this version, the
+  next version will be a release candidate.
+  This release also marks the end of support for the Tor 0.2.4.x,
+  0.2.6.x, and 0.2.7.x release series. Those releases will receive no
+  further bug or security fixes. Anyone still running or distributing
+  one of those versions should upgrade.
+  o Major features (build system, continuous integration):
+    - Tor's repository now includes a Travis Continuous Integration (CI)
+      configuration file (.travis.yml). This is meant to help new
+      developers and contributors who fork Tor to a Github repository be
+      better able to test their changes, and understand what we expect
+      to pass. To use this new build feature, you must fork Tor to your
+      Github account, then go into the "Integrations" menu in the
+      repository settings for your fork and enable Travis, then push
+      your changes. Closes ticket 22636.
+  o Major bugfixes (openbsd, denial-of-service):
+    - Avoid an assertion failure bug affecting our implementation of
+      inet_pton(AF_INET6) on certain OpenBSD systems whose strtol()
+      handling of "0xfoo" differs from what we had expected. Fixes bug
+      22789; bugfix on Also tracked as TROVE-2017-007.
+  o Major bugfixes (relay, performance):
+    - Perform circuit handshake operations at a higher priority than we
+      use for consensus diff creation and compression. This should
+      prevent circuits from starving when a relay or bridge receives a
+      new consensus, especially on lower-powered machines. Fixes bug
+      22883; bugfix on
+  o Minor features (bridge authority):
+    - Add "fingerprint" lines to the networkstatus-bridges file produced
+      by bridge authorities. Closes ticket 22207.
+  o Minor features (directory cache, consensus diff):
+    - Add a new MaxConsensusAgeForDiffs option to allow directory cache
+      operators with low-resource environments to adjust the number of
+      consensuses they'll store and generate diffs from. Most cache
+      operators should leave it unchanged. Helps to work around
+      bug 22883.
+  o Minor features (geoip):
+    - Update geoip and geoip6 to the July 4 2017 Maxmind GeoLite2
+      Country database.
+  o Minor features (relay, performance):
+    - Always start relays with at least two worker threads, to prevent
+      priority inversion on slow tasks. Part of the fix for bug 22883.
+    - Allow background work to be queued with different priorities, so
+      that a big pile of slow low-priority jobs will not starve out
+      higher priority jobs. This lays the groundwork for a fix for
+      bug 22883.
+  o Minor bugfixes (build system, rust):
+    - Fix a problem where Rust toolchains were not being found when
+      building without --enable-cargo-online-mode, due to setting the
+      $HOME environment variable instead of $CARGO_HOME. Fixes bug
+      22830; bugfix on Fix by Chelsea Komlo.
+  o Minor bugfixes (compatibility, zstd):
+    - Write zstd epilogues correctly when the epilogue requires
+      reallocation of the output buffer, even with zstd 1.3.0.
+      (Previously, we worked on 1.2.0 and failed with 1.3.0). Fixes bug
+      22927; bugfix on
+  o Minor bugfixes (compilation warnings):
+    - Suppress -Wdouble-promotion warnings with clang 4.0. Fixes bug
+      22915; bugfix on
+    - Fix warnings when building with libscrypt and openssl scrypt
+      support on Clang. Fixes bug 22916; bugfix on
+    - Compile correctly when both openssl 1.1.0 and libscrypt are
+      detected. Previously this would cause an error. Fixes bug 22892;
+      bugfix on
+    - When building with certain versions of the mingw C header files,
+      avoid float-conversion warnings when calling the C functions
+      isfinite(), isnan(), and signbit(). Fixes bug 22801; bugfix
+      on
+  o Minor bugfixes (coverity build support):
+    - Avoid Coverity build warnings related to our BUG() macro. By
+      default, Coverity treats BUG() as the Linux kernel does: an
+      instant abort(). We need to override that so our BUG() macro
+      doesn't prevent Coverity from analyzing functions that use it.
+      Fixes bug 23030; bugfix on
+  o Minor bugfixes (directory authority):
+    - When a directory authority rejects a descriptor or extrainfo with
+      a given digest, mark that digest as undownloadable, so that we do
+      not attempt to download it again over and over. We previously
+      tried to avoid downloading such descriptors by other means, but we
+      didn't notice if we accidentally downloaded one anyway. This
+      behavior became problematic in, when authorities
+      began pinning Ed25519 keys. Fixes bug 22349; bugfix
+      on
+  o Minor bugfixes (error reporting, windows):
+    - When formatting Windows error messages, use the English format to
+      avoid codepage issues. Fixes bug 22520; bugfix on
+      Patch from "Vort".
+  o Minor bugfixes (file limits, osx):
+    - When setting the maximum number of connections allowed by the OS,
+      always allow some extra file descriptors for other files. Fixes
+      bug 22797; bugfix on
+  o Minor bugfixes (linux seccomp2 sandbox):
+    - Avoid a sandbox failure when trying to re-bind to a socket and
+      mark it as IPv6-only. Fixes bug 20247; bugfix on
+  o Minor bugfixes (memory leaks):
+    - Fix a small memory leak when validating a configuration that uses
+      two or more AF_UNIX sockets for the same port type. Fixes bug
+      23053; bugfix on This is CID 1415725.
+  o Minor bugfixes (unit tests):
+    - test_consdiff_base64cmp would fail on OS X because while OS X
+      follows the standard of (less than zero/zero/greater than zero),
+      it doesn't follow the convention of (-1/0/+1). Make the test
+      comply with the standard. Fixes bug 22870; bugfix on
+    - Fix a memory leak in the link-handshake/certs_ok_ed25519 test.
+      Fixes bug 22803; bugfix on
 Changes in version - 2017-06-29
   Tor fixes a path selection bug that would allow a client
   to use a guard that was in the same network family as a chosen exit

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