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Tue Jul 28 14:15:05 UTC 2015

commit ae7a3b4a5335a3c34b624e45378ceb30878008d8
Author: Translation commit bot <translation at torproject.org>
Date:   Tue Jul 28 14:15:03 2015 +0000

    Update translations for bridgedb
 es_CO/LC_MESSAGES/bridgedb.po |   62 ++++++++++++++++++++---------------------
 1 file changed, 31 insertions(+), 31 deletions(-)

diff --git a/es_CO/LC_MESSAGES/bridgedb.po b/es_CO/LC_MESSAGES/bridgedb.po
index cefa362..2a109f1 100644
--- a/es_CO/LC_MESSAGES/bridgedb.po
+++ b/es_CO/LC_MESSAGES/bridgedb.po
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
 "Project-Id-Version: The Tor Project\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: 'https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/newticket?component=BridgeDB&keywords=bridgedb-reported,msgid&cc=isis,sysrqb&owner=isis'POT-Creation-Date: 2015-03-19 22:13+0000\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2015-07-28 13:39+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2015-07-28 14:15+0000\n"
 "Last-Translator: Marcela Garcia-Casteblanco <marcegcol at hotmail.com>\n"
 "Language-Team: Spanish (Colombia) (http://www.transifex.com/projects/p/torproject/language/es_CO/)\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
@@ -167,36 +167,36 @@ msgstr "Intente adjuntar la mayor cantidad de información que pueda acerca de s
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:103
 msgid "Here are your bridge lines:"
-msgstr "Aquí estan sus lineas de puente:"
+msgstr "Aquí estan sus lineas de puente: "
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:104
 msgid "Get Bridges!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Obtenga Puentes!"
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:108
 msgid "Please select options for bridge type:"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Por favor seleccione las opciones para el tipo de puente:"
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:109
 msgid "Do you need IPv6 addresses?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Necesita direcciones IPv6?"
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:110
 #, python-format
 msgid "Do you need a %s?"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Necesita un  %s?"
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:114
 msgid "Your browser is not displaying images properly."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Su navegador no muestra las imágenes correctamente."
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:115
 msgid "Enter the characters from the image above..."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Escriba los caracteres de la imagen de arriba..."
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:119
 msgid "How to start using your bridges"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Como empezar a usar sus puentes"
 #. TRANSLATORS: Please DO NOT translate "Tor Browser".
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:121
@@ -205,14 +205,14 @@ msgid ""
 "To enter bridges into Tor Browser, first go to the %s Tor Browser download\n"
 "page %s and then follow the instructions there for downloading and starting\n"
 "Tor Browser."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Para ingresar puentes en su Navegador Tor, primero vaya a la página %s del Navegador de Descarga Tor  %s y siga desde allí las instrucciones para descargar e iniciar el Navegador Tor."
 #. TRANSLATORS: Please DO NOT translate "Tor".
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:126
 msgid ""
 "When the 'Tor Network Settings' dialogue pops up, click 'Configure' and follow\n"
 "the wizard until it asks:"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Cuando aparezca la opción \"Configuración de Navegador Tor\", haga click en \"Configurar\" y siga al wizard para ayuda adicional."
 #. TRANSLATORS: Please DO NOT translate "Tor".
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:130
@@ -232,57 +232,57 @@ msgstr ""
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:142
 msgid "Displays this message."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Muestra este mensaje."
 #. TRANSLATORS: Please try to make it clear that "vanilla" here refers to the
 #. same non-Pluggable Transport bridges described above as being
 #. "plain-ol'-vanilla" bridges.
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:146
 msgid "Request vanilla bridges."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Solicite puentes de vainilla."
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:147
 msgid "Request IPv6 bridges."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Solicite puentes IPv6."
 #. TRANSLATORS: Please DO NOT translate the word the word "TYPE".
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:149
 msgid "Request a Pluggable Transport by TYPE."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Solicite un Transporte Conectable por TIPO."
 #. TRANSLATORS: Please DO NOT translate "BridgeDB".
 #. TRANSLATORS: Please DO NOT translate "GnuPG".
 #: lib/bridgedb/strings.py:152
 msgid "Get a copy of BridgeDB's public GnuPG key."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Obtenga una copia de la llave pública GnuPG del BridgeDB."
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/base.html:89
 msgid "Report a Bug"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Reporte un error (Bug)"
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/base.html:92
 msgid "Source Code"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Código de la Fuente"
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/base.html:95
 msgid "Changelog"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Registro de cambios"
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/base.html:98
 msgid "Contact"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Contacto"
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/bridges.html:81
 msgid "Select All"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Seleccionar todo"
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/bridges.html:87
 msgid "Show QRCode"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Mostrar QRCode"
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/bridges.html:100
 msgid "QRCode for your bridge lines"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "QRCode para sus líneas de puente"
 #. TRANSLATORS: Please translate this into some silly way to say
 #. "There was a problem!" in your language. For example,
@@ -291,43 +291,43 @@ msgstr ""
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/bridges.html:115
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/bridges.html:175
 msgid "Uh oh, spaghettios!"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Oh oh, espaguetios!"
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/bridges.html:116
 msgid "It seems there was an error getting your QRCode."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Parece haber un error al obtener su QRCode."
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/bridges.html:121
 msgid ""
 "This QRCode contains your bridge lines. Scan it with a QRCode reader to copy"
 " your bridge lines onto mobile and other devices."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Este QRCode contiene sus lineas de puente. Escanéelo con un lector de QRCode para copiar sus lineas de puente en su móvil y otros dispositivos."
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/bridges.html:181
 msgid "There currently aren't any bridges available..."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "No hay puentes disponibles en el momento."
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/bridges.html:182
 #, python-format
 msgid ""
 " Perhaps you should try %s going back %s and choosing a different bridge "
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Intente %s ir de regreso %s y seleccionar un tipo diferente de puente!"
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/index.html:11
 #, python-format
 msgid "Step %s1%s"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Paso %s 1 %s"
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/index.html:13
 #, python-format
 msgid "Download %s Tor Browser %s"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Descargue %s Navegador Tor %s"
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/index.html:25
 #, python-format
 msgid "Step %s2%s"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Paso %s 2 %s"
 #: lib/bridgedb/templates/index.html:27
 #, python-format

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