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Thu Jul 23 20:15:58 UTC 2015

commit afee7949110f5b3d66574a9556e500c9722bb7af
Author: Translation commit bot <translation at torproject.org>
Date:   Thu Jul 23 20:15:58 2015 +0000

    Update translations for https_everywhere
 es_CO/ssl-observatory.dtd |    2 +-
 et/https-everywhere.dtd   |    8 ++++----
 et/ssl-observatory.dtd    |   30 +++++++++++++++---------------
 3 files changed, 20 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)

diff --git a/es_CO/ssl-observatory.dtd b/es_CO/ssl-observatory.dtd
index a6d269b..259da96 100644
--- a/es_CO/ssl-observatory.dtd
+++ b/es_CO/ssl-observatory.dtd
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 <!-- Observatory popup window -->
-<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.popup.details "Details and Privacy Information">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.popup.details "Detalles e información privada. ">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.popup.later "Preguntame mas tarde">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.popup.no "No">
diff --git a/et/https-everywhere.dtd b/et/https-everywhere.dtd
index 3c487bc..0e50a43 100644
--- a/et/https-everywhere.dtd
+++ b/et/https-everywhere.dtd
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.title "HTTPS Everywhere-ist">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.ext_name "HTTPS Everywhere">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.ext_description "Krüpteeri Web! Kasuta HTTPS turvalaiendust automaatselt paljudel lehtedel.">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.ext_description "Krüpteeri veeb! Kasuta HTTPS turvalaiendust automaatselt paljudel lehtedel.">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.version "Versioon">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.created_by "Loodud">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.librarians "Reeglistiku haldajad">
@@ -8,14 +8,14 @@
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.contribute  "Kui sulle meeldib HTTPS Everywhere, võiksid kaaluda">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.donate_tor "Annetust Tor-ile">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.tor_lang_code "et">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.or "or">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.or "või">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.donate_eff "Annetust EFF-ile">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.about "HTTPS Everywhere-ist">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.observatory "SSL Jälgija Eelistused">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.globalEnable "Luba HTTPS Everywhere">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.globalDisable "Keela HTTPS Everywhere">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.blockHttpRequests "Block all HTTP requests">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.blockHttpRequests "Blokeeri kõik HTTP päringud">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.showCounter "Näita loendurit">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.title "HTTPS Everywhere Eelistused">
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.source.filename "Failinimi">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.source.unable_to_download "Lähtekoodi allalaadimine ebaõnnestus">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.title "HTTPS Everywhree 4.0arendus.11 notifikatsioon">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.title "HTTPS Everywhere 4.0development.11 teavitus">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.paragraph1 "Oih. Sa kasutasid HTTPS Everwhere stabiilset versiooni aga oleme ekslikult uuendanud sind arendus versioonile.">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.paragraph2 "Kas sa soovid minna tagasi stabiilsele versioonile?">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.paragraph3 "Meile meeldiks kui sa jätkaksid arendus verisooni kasutamist ja aitaks meil HTTPS Everywherei parendada. Sa võid leida mõne väikse vea siin või seal, sellisel juhul palun raporteeri need https-everywhere at eff.org. Vabandame ebamugavuste pärast ja täname et kasutate HTTPS Everywhere-i.">
diff --git a/et/ssl-observatory.dtd b/et/ssl-observatory.dtd
index 0398978..0bd9eca 100644
--- a/et/ssl-observatory.dtd
+++ b/et/ssl-observatory.dtd
@@ -20,23 +20,23 @@ to turn it on?">-->
 <!-- Observatory preferences dialog -->
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.adv_priv_opts1
-"It is safe to enable this, unless you use a very
-intrusive corporate network:">
+"Selle lubamine on turvaline, välja arvatud siis
+kui kasutad sissetungivat korporatiivvõrku:">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.adv_priv_opts2
-"Safe, unless you use a corporate network with secret intranet server names:">
+"Turvaline, välja arvatud siis, kui kasutad korporatiivvõrku salajaste sisevõrgu serverite nimedega:">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.alt_roots 
-"Submit and check certificates signed by non-standard root CAs">
+"Saada ja kontrolli ebaharilike juursertifitseerijate allkirjastatud sertifikaate">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.alt_roots_tooltip 
-"It is safe (and a good idea) to enable this option, unless you use an intrusive corporate network or Kaspersky antivirus software that monitors your browsing with a TLS proxy and a private root Certificate Authority.  If enabled on such a network, this option might publish evidence of which https:// domains were being visited through that proxy, because of the unique certificates it would produce.  So we leave it off by default.">
+"Selle lubamine on turvaline (ja hea mõte), välja arvatud siis, kui sa kasutad sissetungivat korporatiivvõrku või Kaspersky antiviiruse tarkvara, mis monitoorib su veebilehtisemist TLS proksi ja privaatse juursertifitseerija abil. Kui see on lubatud sellises võrgus, siis see säte võib avaldada jälgi, milliseid https:// domeene selle proksi kaudu külastati, sest proksi loob unikaalseid sertifikaate. Seetõttu on see säte vaikimisi välja lülitatud.">
-<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.anonymous "Check certificates using Tor for anonymity">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.anonymous "Kontrolli sertifikaate anonüümsuse säilitamiseks Tor'i kaudu.">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.anonymous_unavailable 
-"Check certificates using Tor for anonymity (requires Tor)">
+"Sertifikaatide kontroll toimub läbi Tor võrgu, et tagada anonüümsus (nõutav Tor)">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.anonymous_tooltip 
-"This option requires Tor to be installed and running">
+"See säte nõuab, et Tor on paigaldatud ja töötab">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.asn 
 "When you see a new certificate, tell the Observatory which ISP you are connected to">
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ received by the Observatory will indicate that somebody visited
 www.something.com, but not who visited the site, or what specific page they
 looked at.  Mouseover the options for further details:">
-<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.hide "Hide advanced options">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.hide "Peida täiendavad sätted">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.nonanon 
 "Check certificates even if Tor is not available">
@@ -84,18 +84,18 @@ looked at.  Mouseover the options for further details:">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.priv_dns_tooltip
 "Unless this option is checked, the Observatory will not record certificates for names that it cannot resolve through the DNS system.">
-<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.show "Show advanced options">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.show "Kuva täiendavad sätted">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.title "SSL Jälgija Eelistused">
-<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.use "Use the Observatory?">
-<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.warning.title "WARNING from EFF's SSL Observatory">
-<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.warning.showcert "Show the certificate chain">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.use "Kas kasutada observatooriumit?">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.warning.title "HOIATUS EFF'i SSL Observatory'st">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.warning.showcert "Kuva sertifikaatide ahel">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.warning.okay "Sain aru">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.warning.text "EFF's SSL Observatory has issued a warning about the HTTPS certificiate(s) for this site:">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.warning.defense "If you are logged in to this site, it may be advisable to change your password once you have a safe connection. (These warnings can be disabled in the "SSL Observatory" tab of the HTTPS Everywhere preferences dialog.)">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.self_signed
-"Submit and check self-signed certificates">
+"Saada ja kontrolli enda allkirjastatud sertifikaate">
 <!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.self_signed_tooltip
-"This is recommended; cryptographic problems are especially common in self-signed embedded devices">
+"See on soovitatav; krüptoprobleemid on eriti tavalised enda allkirjastatud sertifikaatidega, mis asuvad sardsüsteemides">

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