[tor-commits] [webwml/master] Drop HTTPSEverywhere project idea

atagar at torproject.org atagar at torproject.org
Sat Apr 11 18:11:21 UTC 2015

commit 061e5517754041741c2cf339c1c5409d49d12ddd
Author: Damian Johnson <atagar at torproject.org>
Date:   Sat Apr 11 11:13:41 2015 -0700

    Drop HTTPSEverywhere project idea
    Request from Peter.
 getinvolved/en/volunteer.wml |   21 ---------------------
 1 file changed, 21 deletions(-)

diff --git a/getinvolved/en/volunteer.wml b/getinvolved/en/volunteer.wml
index 36a6218..644d78e 100644
--- a/getinvolved/en/volunteer.wml
+++ b/getinvolved/en/volunteer.wml
@@ -1046,27 +1046,6 @@ meetings around the world.</li>
-    <a id="httpsEverywhereRulesetTesting"></a>
-    <li>
-    <b>Incorporate Ruleset Testing into the HTTPS Everywhere release process</b>
-    <br>
-    Effort Level: <i>Medium</i>
-    <br>
-    Skill Level: <i>Medium</i>
-    <br>
-    Likely Mentors: <i>Peter Eckersley (pde), Micah Lee</i>
-    <p>
-Ondrej Mikle has implemented a codebase for testing HTTPS Everywhere rulesets
-by crawling pages that are affected by the ruleset (<a href="https://github.com/hiviah/https-everywhere-checker">repository</a>).
-    </p>
-    <p>
-This codebase still has some rough edges that need to be smoothed over, but
-once those are done it should be incorporated into the HTTPS Everywhere build
-process, in order to improve the quality of our releases.
-    </p>
-    </li>
     <a id="censorshipAnalyzer"></a>
     <b>Develop a Censorship Analyzer</b>

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