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Sat Oct 25 21:15:47 UTC 2014

commit e31189b6a80866d607966ec978e92cdbd38a76c5
Author: Translation commit bot <translation at torproject.org>
Date:   Sat Oct 25 21:15:54 2014 +0000

    Update translations for torbutton-torbuttonproperties
 hr/torbutton.properties |   30 +++++++++++++++---------------
 1 file changed, 15 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)

diff --git a/hr/torbutton.properties b/hr/torbutton.properties
index 2138907..a6c590f 100644
--- a/hr/torbutton.properties
+++ b/hr/torbutton.properties
@@ -21,37 +21,37 @@ torbutton.popup.test.auto_failed = The automatic Tor proxy test failed to use To
 torbutton.prefs.recommended = (recommended)
 torbutton.prefs.optional = (optional)
 torbutton.prefs.crucial = (crucial)
-torbutton.popup.external.title = Download an external file type?
-torbutton.popup.external.app = Tor Browser cannot display this file. You will need to open it with another application.\n\n
-torbutton.popup.external.note = Some types of files can cause applications to connect to the Internet without using Tor.\n\n
-torbutton.popup.external.suggest = To be safe, you should only open downloaded files while offline, or use a Tor Live CD such as Tails.\n
-torbutton.popup.launch = Download file
-torbutton.popup.cancel = Cancel
-torbutton.popup.dontask = Automatically download files from now on
+torbutton.popup.external.title = Skinuti spoljasnju ili vanjsku datoteku?
+torbutton.popup.external.app = Tor Pretrazivac ne moze da pokaze ovaj fajl. Morate ga otvoriti sa drugom aplikacijom.\n
+torbutton.popup.external.note = Neke vrste fajla ili datoteke mogu da utjecu na aplikaciju tako sto se konektiraju na Internet bez koristenja Tora.\n
+torbutton.popup.external.suggest = Da bi ste bili zasticeni, morate otvoriti skinute datotake kad ste offline, ili koristite Tor Uzivo DC kao sto je Tails. \n
+torbutton.popup.launch = Skini fajl
+torbutton.popup.cancel = Otkazi
+torbutton.popup.dontask = Automatksi skini fajl od sada pa nadalje
 torbutton.popup.test.no_http_proxy = Tor proxy test: Local HTTP Proxy is unreachable. Is Polipo running properly?
 torbutton.popup.captcha.title = Avoid Google Captchas?
 torbutton.popup.captcha.ask = Torbutton detected a Google Captcha. Would you like to be redirected to another search engine for this query?
-torbutton.popup.captcha.always = Always perform this action from now on
-torbutton.popup.redirect = Redirect
-torbutton.popup.no_redirect = Don't Redirect
+torbutton.popup.captcha.always = Uvijek obavljaj ovu akciju od sada pa nadalje
+torbutton.popup.redirect = Preusmjeri
+torbutton.popup.no_redirect = Ne Preusmjeri
 torbutton.popup.prompted_language = To give you more privacy, Torbutton can request the English language version of web pages. This may cause web pages that you prefer to read in your native language to display in English instead.\n\nWould you like to request English language web pages for better privacy?
 torbutton.popup.no_newnym = Torbutton cannot safely give you a new identity. It does not have access to the Tor Control Port.\n\nAre you running Tor Browser Bundle?
 torbutton.popup.use_tbb = It appears that you are using Torbutton with Firefox, which is no longer a recommended safe configuration.\n\nInstead, we recommend that you obtain the latest Tor Browser Bundle by sending email to gettor at torproject.org or by downloading it at the following URL:
 torbutton.popup.pref_error = Torbutton cannot update preferences in the Tor Browser profile directory.
 torbutton.popup.permission_denied = Please either reset the permissions of the Tor Browser directory or copy it to a new location.
 torbutton.popup.device_full = The disk appears to be full. Please free up space or move Tor Browser to a new device.
-torbutton.title.prompt_torbrowser = Important Torbutton Information
+torbutton.title.prompt_torbrowser = Vazna Torbutton informacija
 torbutton.popup.prompt_torbrowser = Torbutton works differently now: you can't turn it off any more.\n\nWe made this change because it isn't safe to use Torbutton in a browser that's also used for non-Tor browsing. There were too many bugs there that we couldn't fix any other way.\n\nIf you want to keep using Firefox normally, you should uninstall Torbutton and download Tor Browser Bundle. The privacy properties of Tor Browser are also superior to those of normal Firefox, even when Firefox is used with Torbutton.\n\nTo remove Torbutton, go to Tools->Addons->Extensions and then click the Remove button next to Torbutton.
 torbutton.popup.short_torbrowser = Important Torbutton Information!\n\nTorbutton is now always enabled.\n\nClick on the Torbutton for more information.
 torbutton.popup.confirm_plugins = Plugins such as Flash can harm your privacy and anonymity.\n\nThey can also bypass Tor to reveal your current location and IP address.\n\nAre you sure you want to enable plugins?\n\n
-torbutton.popup.never_ask_again = Never ask me again
+torbutton.popup.never_ask_again = Ne pitaj me ponovno
 # Canvas permission prompt. Strings are kept here for ease of translation.
 canvas.siteprompt=This website (%S) attempted to extract HTML5 canvas image data, which may be used to uniquely identify your computer.\n\nShould Tor Browser allow this website to extract HTML5 canvas image data?
-canvas.notNow=Not Now
+canvas.notNow=Ne sada
-canvas.allow=Allow in the future
+canvas.allow=Dozvoli ubuduce
-canvas.never=Never for this site (recommended)
+canvas.never=Nikada za ovu stranicu (preporuceno)

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