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Author: Nick Mathewson <nickm at torproject.org>
Date:   Sun Oct 19 21:43:09 2014 -0400

    Changelog for
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+Changes in version - 2014-10-20
+  Tor contains a response to the recent "POODLE" attack against
+  SSL3 (which doesn't affect Tor), and a response to a crash bug caused
+  by some operating systems' response to the "POODLE" attack (which does
+  affect Tor).
+  o Major security fixes (also in
+    - Disable support for SSLv3. All versions of OpenSSL in use with Tor
+      today support TLS 1.0 or later, so we can safely turn off support
+      for this old (and insecure) protocol. Fixes bug 13426.
+  o Major bugfixes (openssl bug workaround, also in
+    - Avoid crashing when using OpenSSL version 0.9.8zc, 1.0.0o, or
+      1.0.1j, built with the 'no-ssl3' configuration option. Fixes bug
+      13471. This is a workaround for an OpenSSL bug.
 Changes in version - 2014-09-22
   Tor fixes a bug that affects consistency and speed when
   connecting to hidden services, and it updates the location of one of

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