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Wed Oct 15 19:16:09 UTC 2014

commit 8f3e983c519f46b42de50b39ab334317f7721f4d
Author: Translation commit bot <translation at torproject.org>
Date:   Wed Oct 15 19:16:12 2014 +0000

    Update translations for tails-misc_completed
 fr_CA.po |  176 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------
 1 file changed, 98 insertions(+), 78 deletions(-)

diff --git a/fr_CA.po b/fr_CA.po
index 814235e..8001d19 100644
--- a/fr_CA.po
+++ b/fr_CA.po
@@ -3,17 +3,18 @@
 # This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
 # Translators:
-# jytou <saiolar-c at yahoo.fr>, 2013
+# Carley Wilson <carley.wilson at me.com>, 2014
+# Jean-Yves Toumit <saiolar-c at yahoo.fr>, 2013
 # Onizuka, 2013
 # Towatowa441, 2013
-# Alain-Olivier  Breysse, 2014
+# yahoe.001, 2014
 msgid ""
 msgstr ""
 "Project-Id-Version: The Tor Project\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-05-29 00:14+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2014-05-29 15:20+0000\n"
-"Last-Translator: Alain-Olivier  Breysse\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-10-10 13:00+0200\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2014-10-15 19:00+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: yahoe.001\n"
 "Language-Team: French (Canada) (http://www.transifex.com/projects/p/torproject/language/fr_CA/)\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
@@ -21,11 +22,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "Language: fr_CA\n"
 "Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n > 1);\n"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/60-tor-ready-notification.sh:43
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/60-tor-ready-notification.sh:42
 msgid "Tor is ready"
 msgstr "Tor est prêt"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/60-tor-ready-notification.sh:44
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/60-tor-ready-notification.sh:43
 msgid "You can now access the Internet."
 msgstr "Vous pouvez maintenant accéder à Internet."
@@ -200,22 +201,6 @@ msgstr "Sortie de GnuPG :"
 msgid "Other messages provided by GnuPG:"
 msgstr "Autres messages fournis par GnuPG :"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/iceweasel:12
-msgid "Tor is not ready"
-msgstr "Tor n'est pas prêt"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/iceweasel:13
-msgid "Tor is not ready. Start Tor Browser anyway?"
-msgstr "Tor n'est pas prêt. Démarrer le navigateur Tor quand même ?"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/iceweasel:14
-msgid "Start Tor Browser"
-msgstr "Démarrer le navigateur Tor"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/iceweasel:15
-msgid "Cancel"
-msgstr "Annuler"
 #: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/lib/shutdown-helper-applet:39
 msgid "Shutdown Immediately"
 msgstr "Éteindre immédiatement"
@@ -320,38 +305,13 @@ msgid ""
 "You might prefer to restart Tails and disable MAC spoofing. See the <a href='file:///usr/share/doc/first_steps/startup_options/mac_spoofing.en.html'>documentation</a>."
 msgstr "L'usurpation d'adresse MAC a échoué pour la carte réseau ${nic_name} (${nic}). La récupération d'erreur a aussi échouée et le réseau est désactivé.\nVous pourriez préférer redémarrer Tails et désactiver l'usurpation de l'adresse MAC. Voir la <a href='file:///usr/share/doc/tails/website/doc/first_steps/startup_options/mac_spoofing.en.html'>documentation</a>."
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-start-i2p:62
-msgid "Starting I2P..."
-msgstr "Démarrage de I2P..."
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-start-i2p:63
-msgid "The I2P router console will be opened on start."
-msgstr "La console du routeur I2P sera ouverte au démarrage."
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-start-i2p:82
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-start-i2p:124
-msgid "I2P failed to start"
-msgstr "Échec lors du démarrage d'I2P"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-start-i2p:83
-msgid ""
-"Make sure that you have a working Internet connection, then try to start I2P"
-" again."
-msgstr "Vous assurer d'avoir une connexion Internet fonctionnelle, puis essayer de démarrer I2P à nouveau."
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-start-i2p:125
-msgid ""
-"Something went wrong when I2P was starting. Look in the logs in the "
-"following directory for more information:"
-msgstr "Quelque chose a mal tourné lors du démarrage de I2P. Regarder les journaux dans le répertoire suivant pour plus d'informations :"
 #: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-upgrade-frontend-wrapper:19
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:57
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:60
 msgid "error:"
 msgstr "erreur :"
 #: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tails-upgrade-frontend-wrapper:20
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:58
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:61
 msgid "Error"
 msgstr "Erreur"
@@ -385,77 +345,133 @@ msgid ""
 " more...</a>"
 msgstr "<a href='file:///usr/share/doc/tails/website/doc/advanced_topics/virtualization.fr.html'>En savoir plus...</a>"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:68
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tor-browser:18
+msgid "Tor is not ready"
+msgstr "Tor n'est pas prêt"
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tor-browser:19
+msgid "Tor is not ready. Start Tor Browser anyway?"
+msgstr "Tor n'est pas prêt. Démarrer le navigateur Tor quand même ?"
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tor-browser:20
+msgid "Start Tor Browser"
+msgstr "Démarrer le navigateur Tor"
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/bin/tor-browser:21
+msgid "Cancel"
+msgstr "Annuler"
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:71
 msgid "Do you really want to launch the Unsafe Browser?"
 msgstr "Voulez-vous vraiment lancer le navigateur non-sécurisé?"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:70
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:73
 msgid ""
 "Network activity within the Unsafe Browser is <b>not anonymous</b>. Only use"
 " the Unsafe Browser if necessary, for example if you have to login or "
 "register to activate your Internet connection."
 msgstr "L'activité réseau avec le navigateur non-sécurisé n'est <b>pas anonyme</b>. N'utiliser le navigateur non-sécurisé que si nécessaire, par exemple si vous devez vous connecter ou vous enregistrer pour activer votre connexion à Internet."
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:71
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:74
 msgid "_Launch"
 msgstr "_Lancer"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:72
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:75
 msgid "_Exit"
 msgstr "_Quitter"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:82
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:85
 msgid "Starting the Unsafe Browser..."
 msgstr "Lancement du navigateur non-sécurisé..."
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:83
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:86
 msgid "This may take a while, so please be patient."
 msgstr "Ceci peut prendre du temps, alors veuillez être patient."
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:101
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:104
 msgid "Failed to setup chroot."
 msgstr "L'exécution de chroot a échoué"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:175
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:184
 #: ../config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/applications/unsafe-browser.desktop.in.h:1
 msgid "Unsafe Browser"
 msgstr "Navigateur non-sécurisé"
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:215
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:240
 msgid "Shutting down the Unsafe Browser..."
 msgstr "Fermeture du navigateur non-sécurisé..."
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:216
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:241
 msgid ""
 "This may take a while, and you may not restart the Unsafe Browser until it "
 "is properly shut down."
 msgstr "Ceci peut prendre du temps et vous ne pouvez pas redémarrer le navigateur non-sécurisé avant sa fermeture complète."
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:228
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:253
 msgid "Failed to restart Tor."
 msgstr "Échec lors du redémarrage de Tor."
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:236
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:261
 msgid ""
 "Another Unsafe Browser is currently running, or being cleaned up. Please "
 "retry in a while."
 msgstr "Un autre navigateur non-sécurisé tourne, ou est en train d'être nettoyé. Veuillez ressayer dans un moment."
-#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:249
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/unsafe-browser:274
 msgid ""
 "No DNS server was obtained through DHCP or manually configured in "
 msgstr "Aucun serveur DNS n'a été obtenu par le DHCP ou n'est configuré manuellement dans gestionnaire de réseau."
 #: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/tails/truecrypt-wrapper.disabled:11
-msgid "TrueCrypt will soon be removed from Tails"
-msgstr "TrueCrypt va bientôt être enlever de Tails"
+msgid "TrueCrypt will be removed in Tails 1.2.1"
+msgstr "TrueCrypt sera supprimé dans Tails 1.2.1 "
 #: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/tails/truecrypt-wrapper.disabled:12
 msgid ""
-"TrueCrypt will soon be removed from Tails due to license and development "
-msgstr "TrueCrypt sera bientôt enlever de Tails en raison d'inquiétudes concernant la licence et le développement."
+"TrueCrypt is no longer maintained and is said to be insecure by its own "
+"authors. Therefore, it will be removed in Tails 1.2.1 (November 25). We "
+"recommend that you learn how to <a "
+" TrueCrypt volumes with cryptsetup</a> as soon as possible."
+msgstr "TrueCrypt n'est plus maintenu et n'est pas sécuritaire d'après son auteur. Par conséquent, il sera enlevé de Tails 1.2.1. (le 25 novembre). Nous recommandons que vous appreniez comment <a href='file:///usr/share/doc/tails/website/doc/encryption_and_privacy/truecrypt.en.html#cryptsetup'>ouvrir des volumes TrueCrypt avec cryptsetup</a> dès que possible."
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-i2p:30
+msgid "I2P failed to start"
+msgstr "Échec lors du démarrage d'I2P"
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-i2p:31
+msgid ""
+"Something went wrong when I2P was starting. Check the logs in /var/log/i2p "
+"for more information."
+msgstr "Quelque chose n'a pas été au lancement de I2P. Vérifiez les journaux dans /var/log/i2p pour plus d'informations."
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-i2p:42
+msgid "I2P's router console is ready"
+msgstr "La console du routeur d'I2P est prête"
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-i2p:43
+msgid "You can now access I2P's router console on"
+msgstr "Vous pouvez maintenant accéder à la console du routeur d'I2P à"
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-i2p:48
+msgid "I2P is not ready"
+msgstr "I2P n'est pas prêt"
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-i2p:49
+msgid ""
+"Eepsite tunnel not built within six minutes. Check the router console at "
+" or the logs in /var/log/i2p for more information."
+" Reconnect to the network to try again."
+msgstr "Le tunnel Eepsite n'a pas été construit en moins de six minutes. Vérifiez le console du routeur à ou les journaux dans /var/log/i2p pour plus d'informations. Reconnectez-vous au réseau pour ressayer."
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-i2p:59
+msgid "I2P is ready"
+msgstr "I2P est prêt"
+#: config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/tails-i2p:60
+msgid "You can now access services on I2P."
+msgstr "Vous pouvez maintenant accéder aux services sur i2P."
 #: ../config/chroot_local-includes/etc/skel/Desktop/Report_an_error.desktop.in.h:1
 msgid "Report an error"
@@ -470,17 +486,13 @@ msgstr "Documentation de Tails"
 msgid "Learn how to use Tails"
 msgstr "Apprenez comment utiliser Tails"
-#: ../config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/applications/i2p.desktop.in.h:1
-msgid "Anonymous overlay network "
-msgstr "Réseau de recouvrement anonyme"
+#: ../config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/applications/i2p-browser.desktop.in.h:1
+msgid "Anonymous overlay network browser"
+msgstr "Navigateur de réseau anonyme en surcouche"
-#: ../config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/applications/i2p.desktop.in.h:2
-msgid "i2p"
-msgstr "i2p"
-#: ../config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/applications/i2p.desktop.in.h:3
-msgid "Anonymous overlay network"
-msgstr "Réseau de recouvrement anonyme"
+#: ../config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/applications/i2p-browser.desktop.in.h:2
+msgid "I2P Browser"
+msgstr "Navigateur I2P"
 #: ../config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/applications/tails-about.desktop.in.h:2
 msgid "Learn more about Tails"
@@ -502,6 +514,14 @@ msgstr "Éteindre"
 msgid "Immediately shut down computer"
 msgstr "Éteindre immédiatement l'ordinateur"
+#: ../config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/applications/tor-browser.desktop.in.h:1
+msgid "Tor Browser"
+msgstr "Navigateur Tor"
+#: ../config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/applications/tor-browser.desktop.in.h:2
+msgid "Anonymous Web Browser"
+msgstr "Navigateur Web anonyme"
 #: ../config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/applications/unsafe-browser.desktop.in.h:2
 msgid "Browse the World Wide Web without anonymity"
 msgstr "Naviguer sur le Web sans anonymat"

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