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Sun Dec 28 00:15:48 UTC 2014

commit d3697aea6d574c084daef86517813eb76e6919f4
Author: Translation commit bot <translation at torproject.org>
Date:   Sun Dec 28 00:15:44 2014 +0000

    Update translations for torbutton-torbuttonproperties
 fy/torbutton.properties |   34 +++++++++++++++++-----------------
 1 file changed, 17 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)

diff --git a/fy/torbutton.properties b/fy/torbutton.properties
index d23c67d..62ad8d0 100644
--- a/fy/torbutton.properties
+++ b/fy/torbutton.properties
@@ -1,20 +1,20 @@
-torbutton.button.tooltip.disabled = Enable Tor
-torbutton.button.tooltip.enabled = Disable Tor
-torbutton.panel.tooltip.disabled = Click to enable Tor
-torbutton.panel.tooltip.enabled = Click to disable Tor
-torbutton.panel.plugins.disabled = Click to enable plugins
-torbutton.panel.plugins.enabled = Click to disable plugins
-torbutton.panel.label.disabled = Tor Disabled
-torbutton.panel.label.enabled = Tor Enabled
-extensions.torbutton at torproject.org.description = Torbutton provides a button to configure Tor settings and quickly and easily clear private browsing data.
-torbutton.popup.history.warning = Torbutton blocked activity from a tab loaded in a different Tor state.\n\nThis is to work around Firefox Bugs 409737 and 417869.\n\nIf this popup seemed to happen for no reason, one of your tabs is attempting to reload itself in the background, and this was blocked.\n\nTo reload the tab in this Tor state, hit 'enter' in the URL location box.\n\n
-torbutton.popup.plugin.warning = Torbutton blocked direct Tor load of plugin content.\n\nUse Save-As instead.\n\n
-torbutton.popup.confirm_ca_certs = Torbutton Note: It appears you have no custom Certificate Authorities. Examining the Certificate Authority list is a slow operation and slows down Tor toggle. Would you like to disable the isolation of Certificate Authority certificates? (If you don't understand this, it is safe to click OK)
-torbutton.popup.ff3.warning = Warning!\n\nTorbutton on Firefox 3 is known to leak your timezone and livemarks via Tor.\n\nDo you wish to continue anyway?
-torbutton.popup.toggle.warning = You need to toggle Tor or restart for your settings to take effect.
-torbutton.popup.test.success = Tor proxy test successful!
-torbutton.popup.test.failure = Tor proxy test FAILED! Check your proxy and Polipo settings.
-torbutton.popup.test.confirm_toggle = The most recent Tor proxy test failed to use Tor.\n\nAre you sure you want to enable anyway?\n\nNote: If you have fixed the problem, you can rerun the test in the Torbutton Proxy Preferences window to eliminate this warning.
+torbutton.button.tooltip.disabled = Set tor oan
+torbutton.button.tooltip.enabled = Set Tor út
+torbutton.panel.tooltip.disabled = Klik om Tor oan te setten
+torbutton.panel.tooltip.enabled = Klik om Tor út te setten
+torbutton.panel.plugins.disabled = Klik om plugins oan te setten
+torbutton.panel.plugins.enabled = Klik om plugins út te setten
+torbutton.panel.label.disabled = Tor stjit út
+torbutton.panel.label.enabled = Tor stjit oan
+extensions.torbutton at torproject.org.description = Torbutton lit in knop sjen om Tor yn te stellen en om maklik de skiednis te ferwiderjen
+torbutton.popup.history.warning = Torbutton hat aktiviteit fan in tabblêd yn in oare Tor status blokkeare.\n\nDit is om Firefox fouten 409737 en 417869 om te wurkjen.\n\nAt dizze melding sûnder reden te foarskien komt, probearre in tabblêd himself te herladen en is dit blokkeare.\n\nOm dit tabblêd yn dizze Tor status te herladen, druk op 'enter' yn the URL-line.\n\n\n\n
+torbutton.popup.plugin.warning = Torbutton hat direkt Tor-laden fan plugin ynhâld blokearre.\n\nBrûk 'Opslaan-as' yn plak.\n\n
+torbutton.popup.confirm_ca_certs = Torbutton opmerking: It liket as at jo gjin oanpaste Sertifikaat Tastemmingen hawwe. It neisjen fan dy list is in stadich proses en fertraget it oan/út setten fan Tor. Wolle jo it isolearen fan de Sertifikaat Tastemmingen út sette? (At jo dit net snappe: it is feilig om op OK te klikken)
+torbutton.popup.ff3.warning = Warskôging!\n\nTorbutton op Firefox 3 lekt jo tiidsône en livemarkearingen via Tor,\n\nWolle jo toch fierder gean?
+torbutton.popup.toggle.warning = Jo moatte Tor oansette of herstarte foardat de ynstellingen effekt hawwe.
+torbutton.popup.test.success = Tor proxy test is slagge!
+torbutton.popup.test.failure = Tor proxy test is MISLUKT! Kontrolearje jo prozy en Polipo ynstellingen.
+torbutton.popup.test.confirm_toggle = De meat resente Tor proxy test is mislukt.\n\nBinne jo seker at jo starte wolle?\n\nNotysje: At jo it probleem oplost hawwe, kinne jo werom gean nei de Torbutton Proxy Ynstellingen om dizze warskôwing út te setten.
 torbutton.popup.test.ff3_notice = Click OK to test Tor proxy settings. This test will happen in the background. Please be patient.
 torbutton.panel.label.verified = Tor Verified
 torbutton.popup.test.auto_failed = The automatic Tor proxy test failed to use Tor.\n\nAre you sure you want to enable anyway?

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