[tor-commits] [bridgedb/develop] Add attribute docstring for crypto.gpgmeErrorTranslations.

isis at torproject.org isis at torproject.org
Wed Apr 23 05:23:11 UTC 2014

commit 2575fa53ccc444c9d755d28644353d2ff4ea56f1
Author: Isis Lovecruft <isis at torproject.org>
Date:   Tue Apr 22 14:49:14 2014 +0000

    Add attribute docstring for crypto.gpgmeErrorTranslations.
 lib/bridgedb/crypto.py |    5 +++++
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+)

diff --git a/lib/bridgedb/crypto.py b/lib/bridgedb/crypto.py
index 606bce2..434dd8a 100644
--- a/lib/bridgedb/crypto.py
+++ b/lib/bridgedb/crypto.py
@@ -279,6 +279,11 @@ def _createGPGMEErrorInterpreters():
     return errorDict
+#: This is a dictionary which holds a translation of GPGME ERRNOs ←→ all known
+#: names/causes for that ERRNO, and vice versa. It is created automatically,
+#: via the :func:`_createGPGMEErrorInterpreters` function, when this module is
+#: loaded so that :exc:`LessCrypticGPGMEError` can use it to display
+#: human-readable information about why GPGME borked itself on something.
 gpgmeErrorTranslations = _createGPGMEErrorInterpreters()
 def getGPGContext(cfg):

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