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Sun Jun 30 06:46:16 UTC 2013

commit 4995e26279a6d1f524ba80cbab965824e7596e96
Author: Translation commit bot <translation at torproject.org>
Date:   Sun Jun 30 06:46:16 2013 +0000

    Update translations for tails-persistence-setup_completed
 da/da.po |  327 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 327 insertions(+)

diff --git a/da/da.po b/da/da.po
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..552a404
--- /dev/null
+++ b/da/da.po
@@ -0,0 +1,327 @@
+# Copyright (C) YEAR Tails developers
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
+# Translators:
+# torebjornson <tore.bjornson at gmail.com>, 2013
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: The Tor Project\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-11-27 21:00+0100\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2013-06-30 06:40+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: torebjornson <tore.bjornson at gmail.com>\n"
+"Language-Team: Danish (http://www.transifex.com/projects/p/torproject/language/da/)\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Language: da\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:48
+msgid "Personal Data"
+msgstr "Personlig data"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:50
+msgid "Keep files stored in the `Persistent' directory"
+msgstr "Behold filer i 'vedholdende' mappen"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:58
+msgid "GnuPG"
+msgstr "GnuPG"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:60
+msgid "GnuPG keyrings and configuration"
+msgstr "GnuPG nøgleringe og konfiguratio"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:68
+msgid "SSH Client"
+msgstr "SSH Klient"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:70
+msgid "SSH keys, configuration and known hosts"
+msgstr "SSH nøgler, konfiguration og kendte værter"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:78
+msgid "Pidgin"
+msgstr "Pidgin"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:80
+msgid "Pidgin profiles and OTR keyring"
+msgstr "Pidgin profiler og OTR nøgleringe"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:88
+msgid "Claws Mail"
+msgstr "Claws Mail"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:90
+msgid "Claws Mail profiles and locally stored email"
+msgstr "Claws Mail profiler og lokalt lagret email"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:98
+msgid "GNOME Keyring"
+msgstr "GNOME nøglering"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:100
+msgid "Secrets stored by GNOME Keyring"
+msgstr "Hemmeligheder lagret af GNOME nøglering"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:108
+msgid "Network Connections"
+msgstr "Netværk Forbindelser"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:110
+msgid "Configuration of network devices and connections"
+msgstr "Konfiguration af netværk apparater og forbindelser"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:118
+msgid "Browser bookmarks"
+msgstr "Browser bogmærker"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:120
+msgid "Bookmarks saved in Iceweasel browser"
+msgstr "Bogmærker gemt i Iceweasel browseren"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:128
+msgid "APT Packages"
+msgstr "APT Pakker"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:130
+msgid "Packages downloaded by APT"
+msgstr "Pakker downloaded af APT"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:138
+msgid "APT Lists"
+msgstr "APT Lister"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:140
+msgid "Lists downloaded by APT"
+msgstr "Lister downloaded af APT"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:148
+msgid "Dotfiles"
+msgstr "Dotfiles"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:150
+msgid ""
+"Symlink into $HOME every file or directory found in the `dotfiles' directory"
+msgstr "Symlink ind i $HOME alle filer eller mapper fra 'dotfiles' mappen"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:259
+msgid ""
+"The device Tails is running from cannot be found. Maybe you used the `toram'"
+" option?"
+msgstr "Enheden Tails kører fra 'kan ikke findes'. Brugte de 'toram' indstillingen?"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:284
+msgid "'Unparseable partition path.'"
+msgstr "'Partition stien kan ikke parses'"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:298
+msgid "Setup Tails persistent volume"
+msgstr "Setup Tails vedholdende volume"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:442
+#, perl-format
+msgid "Device %s already has a persistent volume."
+msgstr "Enheden %s har allerede et vedholdende volume."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:450
+#, perl-format
+msgid "Device %s has not enough unallocated space."
+msgstr "Enheden %s kunne ikke finde nok uallokeret plads."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:458 ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:472
+#, perl-format
+msgid "Device %s has no persistent volume."
+msgstr "Enheden %s har ikke noget vedholdende volume."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:464
+msgid ""
+"Cannot delete the persistent volume while in use. You should restart Tails "
+"without persistence."
+msgstr "Kan ikke slette det vedholdende volume i brug. De bør genstarte Tails uden vedholdenhed."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:483
+msgid "Persistence volume is not unlocked."
+msgstr "Vedholdenhed volume er ikke låst."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:488
+msgid "Persistence volume is not mounted."
+msgstr "Vedholdenhed volume er ikke mounted."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:493
+msgid "Persistence volume is not readable. Permissions or ownership problems?"
+msgstr "Vedholdenhed volumet er ikke læstbart. Rettigheder eller ejerskabs problemer?"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:498
+msgid "Persistence volume is not writable. Maybe it was mounted read-only?"
+msgstr "Vedholdenhed volumet er ikke skrivbart. Var det muligvis mounted som skrivebeskyttet?"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:507
+#, perl-format
+msgid "Tails is running from non-USB device %s."
+msgstr "Tails kører fra ikke-USB enhed %s."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:513
+#, perl-format
+msgid "Device %s is optical."
+msgstr "Enheden %s er optisk."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:520
+#, perl-format
+msgid "Device %s was not created using Tails USB installer."
+msgstr "Enheden %s var ikke lavet ved brug af Tails USB installeren."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:554
+msgid "Error"
+msgstr "Fejl"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:861
+msgid "Persistence wizard - Finished"
+msgstr "Vedholdenhed guiden - Færdig"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:864
+msgid ""
+"Any changes you have made will only take effect after restarting Tails.\n"
+"You may now close this application."
+msgstr "Alle ændringer De har lavet vil kun have effekt efter Tails er genstartet.\n\nDe kan nu lukket dette program."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:54
+msgid "Persistence wizard - Persistent volume creation"
+msgstr "Vedholdenheds guiden - Vedholdenheds volume oprettelse."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:57
+msgid "Choose a passphrase to protect the persistent volume"
+msgstr "Vælg et kodeord til at beskytte deres vedholdenheds volume"
+#. TRANSLATORS: size, device vendor, device model
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:61
+#, perl-format
+msgid ""
+"A %s persistent volume will be created on the <b>%s %s</b> device. Data on "
+"this volume will be stored in an encrypted form protected by a passphrase."
+msgstr "Et %s vedholdende volume vil blive oprettet på <b>%s %s</b> enheden. Data på dette volume vil blive gemt i krypteret form beskyttet af et kodeord."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:66
+msgid "Create"
+msgstr "Opret"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:110
+msgid ""
+"<b>Beware!</b> Using persistence has consequences that must be well "
+"understood. Tails can't help you if you use it wrong! See <a "
+" documentation about persistence</a> to learn more."
+msgstr "<B>Vær opmærksom!</b> Brug af vedholdenhed har konsekvenser der er kritisk at forstå for brugeren. Tails kan ikke hjælpe dem, hvis det bruges forkert. Se <a href='file:///usr/share/doc/tails/website/doc/first_steps/persistence.en.html'> Tails dokumentationen om vedholdenhed </a> for at lære mere."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:144
+msgid "Passphrase:"
+msgstr "Kodeord:"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:154
+msgid "Verify Passphrase:"
+msgstr "Bekræft kodeord:"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:167
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:231
+msgid "Passphrase can't be empty"
+msgstr "Kodeord kan ikke være tomt"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:222
+msgid "Passphrases do not match"
+msgstr "Kodeordene passer ikke"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:262
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:189
+msgid "Failed"
+msgstr "Mislykkedes"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:269
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:84
+msgid "Correcting attributes on Tails system partition."
+msgstr "Korrigerer egenskaber på Tails system partitionen"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:272
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:87
+msgid "The attributes of the Tails system partition will be corrected."
+msgstr "Egenskaberne for Tor system partitionen vil blive korrigeret."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:280
+msgid "Mounting Tails persistence partition."
+msgstr "Mounter Tails vedholdenheds partitionen."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:283
+msgid "The Tails persistence partition will be mounted."
+msgstr "Tails vedholdenheds partitionen vil blive mounted."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:304
+msgid "Creating..."
+msgstr "Opretter..."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:307
+msgid "Creating the persistent volume..."
+msgstr "Opretter vedholdenheds volumet..."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:60
+msgid "Persistence wizard - Persistent volume configuration"
+msgstr "Vedholdenheds guiden - Vedholdenheds volume konfiguration"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:63
+msgid "Specify the files that will be saved in the persistent volume"
+msgstr "Specificér de filer der skal gemmes i vedholdenheds volumet"
+#. TRANSLATORS: partition, size, device vendor, device model
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:67
+#, perl-format
+msgid ""
+"The selected files will be stored in the encrypted partition %s (%s), on the"
+" <b>%s %s</b> device."
+msgstr "De valgte filer vil blive gemt i den krypterede partition %s (%s), på <b>%s %s</b> enheden."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:73
+msgid "Save"
+msgstr "Gem"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:135
+msgid "Make custom directory persistent (absolute path):"
+msgstr "Opret brugerdefineret mappe vedholdende (absolut sti):"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:141
+msgid "Destination:"
+msgstr "Bestemmelsessted:"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:204
+msgid "Saving..."
+msgstr "Gemmer.."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:207
+msgid "Saving persistence configuration..."
+msgstr "Gemmer vedholdenheds konfigurationen.."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:41
+msgid "Persistence wizard - Persistent volume deletion"
+msgstr "Vedholdenheds guide - Vedholdenhed volume sletning"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:44
+msgid "Your persistent data will be deleted."
+msgstr "Deres vedholdenheds data vil blive slettet."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:48
+#, perl-format
+msgid ""
+"The persistent volume %s (%s), on the <b>%s %s</b> device, will be deleted."
+msgstr "Vedholdenheds volumet %s (%s), på <b>%s %s </b> enheden vil blive slettet."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:54
+msgid "Delete"
+msgstr "Slet"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:99
+msgid "Deleting..."
+msgstr "Sletter.."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:102
+msgid "Deleting the persistent volume..."
+msgstr "Sletter det vedholdende volume.."

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