[tor-commits] [tor-browser/tor-browser-17.0.6esr-4] Build determinism fix: os.listdir() imposes no specific ordering.

mikeperry at torproject.org mikeperry at torproject.org
Thu Jun 6 21:17:33 UTC 2013

commit ac26d133134d17b79eed15d4f68a7150387b9af9
Author: Mike Perry <mikeperry-git at torproject.org>
Date:   Thu Jun 6 14:10:01 2013 -0700

    Build determinism fix: os.listdir() imposes no specific ordering.
    Also, the contents of the input manifest files in this listing suffer from the
    same ordering problem, but they are built in weird arcane ways via dynamic
    makefile rules. So we just sort the input lines, too.
 toolkit/mozapps/installer/link-manifests.py |    4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/toolkit/mozapps/installer/link-manifests.py b/toolkit/mozapps/installer/link-manifests.py
index 2a700dc..a1ac9a9 100644
--- a/toolkit/mozapps/installer/link-manifests.py
+++ b/toolkit/mozapps/installer/link-manifests.py
@@ -14,10 +14,10 @@ for manifestdir in manifestdirs:
         print >>sys.stderr, "Warning: trying to link manifests in missing directory '%s'" % manifestdir
-    for name in os.listdir(manifestdir):
+    for name in sorted(os.listdir(manifestdir)):
         infd = open(os.path.join(manifestdir, name))
         print >>outfd, "# %s" % name
-        outfd.write(infd.read())
+        outfd.writelines(sorted(infd.readlines()))
         print >>outfd

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