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    Update translations for tails-persistence-setup_completed
 ja/ja.po |  327 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 327 insertions(+)

diff --git a/ja/ja.po b/ja/ja.po
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..ab852b7
--- /dev/null
+++ b/ja/ja.po
@@ -0,0 +1,327 @@
+# Copyright (C) YEAR Tails developers
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
+# Translators:
+# plazmism <gomidori at live.jp>, 2013
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: The Tor Project\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-11-27 21:00+0100\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2013-06-06 13:30+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: plazmism <gomidori at live.jp>\n"
+"Language-Team: Japanese (http://www.transifex.com/projects/p/torproject/language/ja/)\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Language: ja\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:48
+msgid "Personal Data"
+msgstr "個人データ"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:50
+msgid "Keep files stored in the `Persistent' directory"
+msgstr "`永続的'ディレクトリに保管されたファイルを保つ"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:58
+msgid "GnuPG"
+msgstr "GnuPG"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:60
+msgid "GnuPG keyrings and configuration"
+msgstr "GnuPGのキーホルダーと設定"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:68
+msgid "SSH Client"
+msgstr "SSHクライアント"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:70
+msgid "SSH keys, configuration and known hosts"
+msgstr "SSHキー、設定、知っているホスト"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:78
+msgid "Pidgin"
+msgstr "Pidgin"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:80
+msgid "Pidgin profiles and OTR keyring"
+msgstr "PidginのプロファイルとOTRキーホルダー"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:88
+msgid "Claws Mail"
+msgstr "Claws Mail"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:90
+msgid "Claws Mail profiles and locally stored email"
+msgstr "Claws Mailのプロファイルとローカルに保存された電子メール"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:98
+msgid "GNOME Keyring"
+msgstr "GNOMEキーホルダー"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:100
+msgid "Secrets stored by GNOME Keyring"
+msgstr "GNOMEキーホルダーによって保存された秘密"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:108
+msgid "Network Connections"
+msgstr "ネットワーク接続"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:110
+msgid "Configuration of network devices and connections"
+msgstr "ネットワークデバイスと接続の設定"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:118
+msgid "Browser bookmarks"
+msgstr "ブラウザのブックマーク"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:120
+msgid "Bookmarks saved in Iceweasel browser"
+msgstr "Iceweasel ブラウザーに保存されたブックマーク"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:128
+msgid "APT Packages"
+msgstr "APTパッケージ"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:130
+msgid "Packages downloaded by APT"
+msgstr "APTがダウンロードしたパッケージ"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:138
+msgid "APT Lists"
+msgstr "APTリスト"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:140
+msgid "Lists downloaded by APT"
+msgstr "APTがダウンロードしたリスト"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:148
+msgid "Dotfiles"
+msgstr "ドットファイル"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Configuration/Presets.pm:150
+msgid ""
+"Symlink into $HOME every file or directory found in the `dotfiles' directory"
+msgstr "`ドットファイル'ディレクトリで見つかった$HOMEの各ファイルかディレクトリへのシンボリックリンク"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:259
+msgid ""
+"The device Tails is running from cannot be found. Maybe you used the `toram'"
+" option?"
+msgstr "Tailsが動作しているデバイスを発見出来ませんでした。もしかして`toram' オプションを使ってはいませんか?"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:284
+msgid "'Unparseable partition path.'"
+msgstr "'解析不可能なパーティションパス。'"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:298
+msgid "Setup Tails persistent volume"
+msgstr "Talisの永続的ボリュームをセットアップ"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:442
+#, perl-format
+msgid "Device %s already has a persistent volume."
+msgstr "デバイス %s にはすでに永続的ボリュームがあります。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:450
+#, perl-format
+msgid "Device %s has not enough unallocated space."
+msgstr "デバイス %s には十分な未割り当て領域がありません。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:458 ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:472
+#, perl-format
+msgid "Device %s has no persistent volume."
+msgstr "デバイス %s には永続的ボリュームがありません。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:464
+msgid ""
+"Cannot delete the persistent volume while in use. You should restart Tails "
+"without persistence."
+msgstr "使用中の間は永続的ボリュームを削除出来ません。永続をオフにしてTailsを再起動すべきです。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:483
+msgid "Persistence volume is not unlocked."
+msgstr "永続的ボリュームがアンロックされていません。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:488
+msgid "Persistence volume is not mounted."
+msgstr "永続的ボリュームがマウントされていません。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:493
+msgid "Persistence volume is not readable. Permissions or ownership problems?"
+msgstr "永続的ボリュームが読み込み可能ではありません。パーミッションや所有権に問題があるかもしれません。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:498
+msgid "Persistence volume is not writable. Maybe it was mounted read-only?"
+msgstr "永続的ボリュームが書き込み可能ではありません。リードオンリーでマウントされた可能性があります。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:507
+#, perl-format
+msgid "Tails is running from non-USB device %s."
+msgstr "Tailsは非USB機器 %sから起動しています。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:513
+#, perl-format
+msgid "Device %s is optical."
+msgstr "デバイス %sは光学機器です。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:520
+#, perl-format
+msgid "Device %s was not created using Tails USB installer."
+msgstr "デバイス %sはTails USB installerを用いて作成されませんでした。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:554
+msgid "Error"
+msgstr "エラー"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:861
+msgid "Persistence wizard - Finished"
+msgstr "永続ウィザード -終了"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Setup.pm:864
+msgid ""
+"Any changes you have made will only take effect after restarting Tails.\n"
+"You may now close this application."
+msgstr "行った変更はTails再起動後まで効果を発揮しません。\n\n現在はこのアプリケーションを閉じても構いません。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:54
+msgid "Persistence wizard - Persistent volume creation"
+msgstr "永続ウィザード - 永続的ボリューム作成"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:57
+msgid "Choose a passphrase to protect the persistent volume"
+msgstr "永続的ボリュームを保護するためのパスフレーズを選択"
+#. TRANSLATORS: size, device vendor, device model
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:61
+#, perl-format
+msgid ""
+"A %s persistent volume will be created on the <b>%s %s</b> device. Data on "
+"this volume will be stored in an encrypted form protected by a passphrase."
+msgstr "%sの永続的ボリュームは<b>%s %s</b>上に作成されます。このボリュームのデータはパスフレーズによって保護された、暗号化された形式で保存されます。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:66
+msgid "Create"
+msgstr "作成"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:110
+msgid ""
+"<b>Beware!</b> Using persistence has consequences that must be well "
+"understood. Tails can't help you if you use it wrong! See <a "
+" documentation about persistence</a> to learn more."
+msgstr "<b>注意!</b> 永続の使用はよく理解して置かなければならない重大性があります。Tailsはあなたが間違って使用していても助けることができません!詳細については<a href='file:///usr/share/doc/tails/website/doc/first_steps/persistence.en.html'>Tailsの永続についてのドキュメント</a>をご覧ください。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:144
+msgid "Passphrase:"
+msgstr "パスフレーズ:"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:154
+msgid "Verify Passphrase:"
+msgstr "パスフレーズ確認:"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:167
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:231
+msgid "Passphrase can't be empty"
+msgstr "パスフレーズは空に出来ません"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:222
+msgid "Passphrases do not match"
+msgstr "パスフレーズが一致しません"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:262
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:189
+msgid "Failed"
+msgstr "失敗しました"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:269
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:84
+msgid "Correcting attributes on Tails system partition."
+msgstr "Tailsシステムパーティション上の属性を修正中。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:272
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:87
+msgid "The attributes of the Tails system partition will be corrected."
+msgstr "Tailsシステムパーティションの属性が修正されます。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:280
+msgid "Mounting Tails persistence partition."
+msgstr "Tails永続的パーティションをマウント中"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:283
+msgid "The Tails persistence partition will be mounted."
+msgstr "Tails永続的パーティションがマウントされます。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:304
+msgid "Creating..."
+msgstr "作成中..."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Bootstrap.pm:307
+msgid "Creating the persistent volume..."
+msgstr "永続的ボリュームを作成中..."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:60
+msgid "Persistence wizard - Persistent volume configuration"
+msgstr "永続ウィザード - 永続的ボリューム設定"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:63
+msgid "Specify the files that will be saved in the persistent volume"
+msgstr "永続的ボリュームで保存されるファイルを明示する"
+#. TRANSLATORS: partition, size, device vendor, device model
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:67
+#, perl-format
+msgid ""
+"The selected files will be stored in the encrypted partition %s (%s), on the"
+" <b>%s %s</b> device."
+msgstr "選択したファイルは、<b>%s %s</b>デバイス上の、暗号化されたパーティション %s (%s)に保存されます。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:73
+msgid "Save"
+msgstr "保存"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:135
+msgid "Make custom directory persistent (absolute path):"
+msgstr "カスタム永続的ディレクトリを作成 (絶対パス):"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:141
+msgid "Destination:"
+msgstr "目的パス:"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:204
+msgid "Saving..."
+msgstr "保存中..."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Configure.pm:207
+msgid "Saving persistence configuration..."
+msgstr "永続的設定を保存中..."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:41
+msgid "Persistence wizard - Persistent volume deletion"
+msgstr "永続ウィザード - 永続的ボリューム削除"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:44
+msgid "Your persistent data will be deleted."
+msgstr "あなたの永続データが削除されます。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:48
+#, perl-format
+msgid ""
+"The persistent volume %s (%s), on the <b>%s %s</b> device, will be deleted."
+msgstr "永続ボリューム %s (%s) (<b>%s %s</b>デバイス上) は削除されます。"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:54
+msgid "Delete"
+msgstr "削除"
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:99
+msgid "Deleting..."
+msgstr "削除中..."
+#: ../lib/Tails/Persistence/Step/Delete.pm:102
+msgid "Deleting the persistent volume..."
+msgstr "永続的ボリュームを削除中..."

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