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Fri Oct 26 04:41:45 UTC 2012

commit 17a6aa56cefe9d833a14bffd8e972099dadd2c88
Author: Roger Dingledine <arma at torproject.org>
Date:   Fri Oct 26 00:39:55 2012 -0400

    forward-port the changelog
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diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog
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--- a/ChangeLog
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@@ -43,6 +43,39 @@ Changes in version - 2012-10-25
       to its own file.
+Changes in version - 2012-10-25
+  Tor fixes two important security vulnerabilities that
+  could lead to remotely triggerable relay crashes, and fixes
+  a major bug that was preventing clients from choosing suitable exit
+  nodes.
+  o Major bugfixes (security):
+    - Fix a group of remotely triggerable assertion failures related to
+      incorrect link protocol negotiation. Found, diagnosed, and fixed
+      by "some guy from France". Fix for CVE-2012-2250; bugfix on
+    - Fix a denial of service attack by which any directory authority
+      could crash all the others, or by which a single v2 directory
+      authority could crash everybody downloading v2 directory
+      information. Fixes bug 7191; bugfix on
+  o Major bugfixes:
+    - When parsing exit policy summaries from microdescriptors, we had
+      previously been ignoring the last character in each one, so that
+      "accept 80,443,8080" would be treated by clients as indicating
+      a node that allows access to ports 80, 443, and 808. That would
+      lead to clients attempting connections that could never work,
+      and ignoring exit nodes that would support their connections. Now
+      clients parse these exit policy summaries correctly. Fixes bug 7192;
+      bugfix on
+  o Minor bugfixes:
+    - Clients now consider the ClientRejectInternalAddresses config option
+      when using a microdescriptor consensus stanza to decide whether
+      an exit relay would allow exiting to an internal address. Fixes
+      bug 7190; bugfix on
 Changes in version - 2012-10-20
   Tor adds a new v3 directory authority, fixes a privacy
   vulnerability introduced by a change in OpenSSL, fixes a remotely

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