[tor-commits] [metrics-lib/master] Remove two suggested data sources from the TODO list.

karsten at torproject.org karsten at torproject.org
Fri Apr 27 06:28:06 UTC 2012

commit 6eb12377add8d24e9500bb49d9b9e19c3c382e03
Author: Karsten Loesing <karsten.loesing at gmx.net>
Date:   Fri Apr 27 08:07:25 2012 +0200

    Remove two suggested data sources from the TODO list.
    Using Tor's control port as a data source could be useful in some cases,
    but Damian and I decided it's not worth the effort.  We wouldn't learn
    much new stuff compared to running a Tor client/relay and reading the
    cached-* files.  Damian says that a good workaround for file permission
    issues with cached-* files is to run the Tor process and Java process as
    the same user.
    Having a database as a data source was a nice idea, too, but we don't have
    such a database.  Once we have a good database we can still write a
    metrics-lib wrapper for it.
 TODO |   14 --------------
 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)

diff --git a/TODO b/TODO
deleted file mode 100644
index f468893..0000000
--- a/TODO
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,14 +0,0 @@
-- New data sources
-  - Add Tor's control port as another data source for relay descriptors.
-    In theory, the descriptors that can be parsed from a local Tor data
-    directory should be similar to what we can learn via Tor's control
-    port, though maybe not as up-to-date.  In order to fit the data store
-    model, we should query the list of all available descriptors and make
-    them available to the application.
-  - Add a Tor descriptor database as another data source for relay and
-    maybe bridge descriptors.  There is no good database schema around for
-    descriptors, so that should come first.  In order to fit the data
-    store model, the descriptor source should allow the program to define
-    which descriptors to include, and it may be useful to exclude
-    descriptors by publication date.

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