[tor-commits] [obfsproxy/master] Remove duplicate documentation.

asn at torproject.org asn at torproject.org
Sat Apr 14 18:18:19 UTC 2012

commit 840d6cf76f434063daf525894e801cb73b1ea7d6
Author: George Kadianakis <desnacked at riseup.net>
Date:   Sat Apr 14 20:17:31 2012 +0200

    Remove duplicate documentation.
 src/network.c |   31 -------------------------------
 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 31 deletions(-)

diff --git a/src/network.c b/src/network.c
index 1d73249..8919252 100644
--- a/src/network.c
+++ b/src/network.c
@@ -84,37 +84,6 @@
 #include <event2/bufferevent_struct.h>
 #include <event2/listener.h>
-/* Terminology used in this file:
-   A "connection" is a bidirectional communications channel, usually
-   backed by a network socket, and represented in this layer by a
-   'conn_t', wrapping a 'struct bufferevent'.
-   A "circuit" is a _pair_ of connections, referred to as the
-   "upstream" and "downstream" connections.  A circuit is represented
-   by a 'circuit_t'.  The upstream connection of a circuit
-   communicates in cleartext with the higher-level program that wishes
-   to make use of our obfuscation service.  The downstream connection
-   commmunicates in an obfuscated fashion with the remote peer that
-   the higher-level client wishes to contact.
-   A "listener" is a listening socket bound to a particular
-   obfuscation protocol, represented in this layer by a 'listener_t'
-   and its 'config_t'.  Connecting to a listener creates one
-   connection of a circuit, and causes this program to initiate the
-   other connection (possibly after receiving in-band instructions
-   about where to connect to).  A listener is said to be a "client"
-   listener if connecting to it creates the _upstream_ connection, and
-   a "server" listener if connecting to it creates the _downstream_
-   connection.
-   There are two kinds of client listeners: a "simple" client listener
-   always connects to the same remote peer every time it needs to
-   initiate a downstream connection; a "socks" client listener can be
-   told to connect to an arbitrary remote peer using the SOCKS protocol
-   (version 4 or 5).
   This struct defines the state of a listener on a particular address.

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