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Author: phobos
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Release the paper on 10 things to look for in a circumvention tool.

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+#include "head.wmi" TITLE="Ten Things to Look for in a Circumvention Tool" CHARSET="UTF-8"
+<div class="main-column">
+<p><strong>WALPOLE, MA</strong> The Tor Project releases an article about
+the <a href="/press/presskit/2010-09-16-circumvention-features.pdf">"Ten
+Things to Look for in a Circumvention Tool"</a>. As more countries
+crack down on Internet use, people around the world are turning to
+anti-censorship software that lets them reach blocked websites. Many
+types of software, also known as circumvention tools, have been created
+to answer the threat to freedom online. These tools provide different
+features and levels of security, and it's important for users to
+understand the tradeoffs.</p>
+<p>This article lays out ten features you should consider when evaluating
+a circumvention tool. The goal isn't to advocate for any specific
+tool, but to point out what kind of tools are useful for different
+<p>Tor's tools and technologies are already used by millions of people
+to protect their activities online.  These users include journalists and
+human rights workers in politically rigid countries communicating with
+whistleblowers and dissidents.  Law enforcement officers on Internet
+sting operations stay anonymous with Tor, as do people wanting to post
+socially sensitive information in chat rooms, like rape or abuse survivors
+and those with illnesses.  The Tor network also provides protection
+for people looking for another layer of privacy from the millions of
+websites and ISPs bent on collecting private information and tracking
+their moves online.</p>
+<p>Based in Walpole, MA, The Tor Project develops free and open-source
+software that provides online anonymity to the everyday Internet
+user. Tor was born out of a collaboration with the U.S. Naval Research
+Lab starting in 2001, and it became an official U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit
+in 2006. The Tor Project now works with many individuals, NGOs, law
+enforcement agencies, and businesses globally to help them protect their
+anonymity online.</p>
+<p>In addition to its efforts developing and maintaining the Tor anonymity
+software and the Tor network, The Tor Project also helps to lead the
+research community in understanding how to build and measure scalable and
+secure anonymity networks. The Tor developers publish several new research
+papers each year in major academic security conferences, and just about
+every major security conference these days includes a Tor-related paper.
+Tor is a project-funded organization with a staff of 15.</p>
+<p>The "Onion Logo" and "Tor" wordmark are registered trademarks
+of The Tor Project, Inc.</p>
+<p>Contact: Andrew Lewman</p>
+<p>Tel: +1-781-424-9877</p>
+<p>Email: execdir at torproject.org</p>
+<p><a href="https://www.torproject.org/">Website: Tor Project</a></p>
+<div align=center>###</div>
+</div><!-- #main -->
+#include <foot.wmi>

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 <h3>Press Releases</h3>
+<li>16 September 1010.  Tor announces an article discussing <a href="<page press/2010-09-16-ten-things-circumvention-tools>">Ten Things to Look for in a Circumvention Tool</a>.</li>
 <li>25 March 2010. Tor and Printfection launch <a href="<page press/2010-03-25-tor-store-press-release>">The Tor Store</a>.</li>
 <li>12 March 2009.  Tor launches a <a href="<page press/2009-03-12-performance-roadmap-press-release>">performance roadmap</a> and campaign.</li>
 <li>19 December 2008.  Tor announces 3-year <a href="<page

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