[or-cvs] r22064: {website} Fix typo found by Fabian Keil. (website/trunk/en)

Karsten Loesing karsten.loesing at gmx.net
Fri Mar 26 18:08:31 UTC 2010

Author: kloesing
Date: 2010-03-26 18:08:31 +0000 (Fri, 26 Mar 2010)
New Revision: 22064

Fix typo found by Fabian Keil.

Modified: website/trunk/en/gsoc.wml
--- website/trunk/en/gsoc.wml	2010-03-26 17:55:10 UTC (rev 22063)
+++ website/trunk/en/gsoc.wml	2010-03-26 18:08:31 UTC (rev 22064)
@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@
 <li>How can we contact you to ask you further questions? Google doesn't
 share your contact details with us automatically, so you should include
-that in you application.</li>
+that in your application.</li>
 <li>Is there anything else we should know that will make us like your
 project more?</li>

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