[or-cvs] r19056: {website} Minor edits and add uninstall info. (in website/trunk/torvm: en img)

coderman at seul.org coderman at seul.org
Mon Mar 16 18:42:40 UTC 2009

Author: coderman
Date: 2009-03-16 14:42:40 -0400 (Mon, 16 Mar 2009)
New Revision: 19056

Minor edits and add uninstall info.

Modified: website/trunk/torvm/en/index.wml
--- website/trunk/torvm/en/index.wml	2009-03-16 18:14:09 UTC (rev 19055)
+++ website/trunk/torvm/en/index.wml	2009-03-16 18:42:40 UTC (rev 19056)
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
 <p>Tor VM is a transparent Tor proxy for Windows that uses Qemu full
 virtualization technology for more resilient Tor clients and relays.
-<p><strong>The initial 0.0.1 release is an unstable test build!</strong>
+<p><strong>The initial 0.0.1 release is a work in progress!</strong>
 See the
 <a href="http://bugs.noreply.org/flyspray/index.php?tasks=all&amp;project=4&amp;cat=19"
 >bug tracking database for known issues</a>. Remember to backup anything
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
 (<a href="dist/TorVM-0.0.1-Bundle.exe.asc" style="font-size: 90%;">sig</a>/
 <a href="dist/TorVM-0.0.1-Bundle.exe.sha1.txt" style="font-size: 90%;">sha1</a>)</li>
-<li><a href="dist/Tor_VM.exe">Tor VM Stand-alone Self Extractor</a>
+<li><a href="dist/Tor_VM.exe">Tor VM Portable Self Extractor</a>
 (<a href="dist/Tor_VM.exe.asc" style="font-size: 90%;">sig</a>/
 <a href="dist/Tor_VM.exe.sha1.txt" style="font-size: 90%;">sha1</a>)</li>
@@ -161,6 +161,14 @@
 <p><img src="img/vidalia-repair.png" alt="Choose Repair option" /></p>
+<a id="Remove"></a>
+<h3><a class="anchor" href="#Remove">Uninstall Tor Bundle Software</a></h3>
+<p>A script to uninstall all of the Tor bundle applications at once is placed
+on the desktop. Run this utility to remove all of the Tor packages and files.</p>
+<p><img src="img/uninstall.png" alt="The Uninstall_Tor script will remove all Tor packages and files" /></p>
 <a id="Debug"></a>
 <h3><a class="anchor" href="#Debug">Troubleshoot Problems and Report Bugs</a></h3>
@@ -191,7 +199,7 @@
 <p>Be sure to build against a known working tag in the torvm repo. For
 example,<br />
-svn export https://svn.torproject.org/svn/torvm/tags/torvm-0_0_1 torvm-0.0.1-build
+svn export https://svn.torproject.org/svn/torvm/tags/torvm-0_0_1 torvm-0.0.1-src
 </div><!-- #main -->

Added: website/trunk/torvm/img/uninstall.png
(Binary files differ)

Property changes on: website/trunk/torvm/img/uninstall.png
Added: svn:mime-type
   + image/png

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