[or-cvs] r18998: {website} Add paragraph and screenshots for package repair / marble ma (in website/trunk/torvm: en img)

coderman at seul.org coderman at seul.org
Sat Mar 14 22:20:06 UTC 2009

Author: coderman
Date: 2009-03-14 18:20:06 -0400 (Sat, 14 Mar 2009)
New Revision: 18998

Add paragraph and screenshots for package repair / marble map generation.

Modified: website/trunk/torvm/en/index.wml
--- website/trunk/torvm/en/index.wml	2009-03-14 21:05:32 UTC (rev 18997)
+++ website/trunk/torvm/en/index.wml	2009-03-14 22:20:06 UTC (rev 18998)
@@ -97,10 +97,26 @@
 <a id="Run"></a>
 <h3><a class="anchor" href="#Run">Run Tor VM and Vidalia</a></h3>
+<p>The first time Vidalia is run the image tiles needed for the Marble Map
+plugin will be generated at start. If you do not have sufficient memory or
+CPU to generate these tiles you can install the full Vidalia Marble package
+with the generated image tiles already included.</p>
+vidalia-genmap.png vidalia-support.png vidalia-repair.png
+<p><img src="img/vidalia-genmap.png" alt="It may take a minute to generate the Marble Map image tiles" /></p>
-<p><img src="img/" alt="" /></p>
+<p>If any of the bundle applications stop working a repair can be requested
+which may resolve the problem.</p>
+<a id="Repair"></a>
+<h3><a class="anchor" href="#Repair">Repair Installed Applications</a></h3>
+<p><img src="img/vidalia-support.png" alt="In Add or Remove Programs - Select support option for package" /></p>
+<p>Choose the repair option and all of the package files and registry will be
+<p><img src="img/vidalia-repair.png" alt="Choose Repair option" /></p>
 <a id="Debug"></a>
 <h3><a class="anchor" href="#Debug">Troubleshoot Problems and Report Bugs</a></h3>
@@ -109,7 +125,7 @@
 <a href="http://bugs.noreply.org/flyspray/index.php?tasks=all&project=4">
 Tor flyspray bug tracker</a> for known issues and pending changes.</p>
-<!-- localized installers and ?
+<!-- localized installers and full Marble data bundle?
 <a id="Advanced"></a>
 <h3><a class="anchor" href="#Advanced">Experimental Packages and Usage</a></h3>

Added: website/trunk/torvm/img/vidalia-genmap.png
(Binary files differ)

Property changes on: website/trunk/torvm/img/vidalia-genmap.png
Added: svn:mime-type
   + image/png

Added: website/trunk/torvm/img/vidalia-repair.png
(Binary files differ)

Property changes on: website/trunk/torvm/img/vidalia-repair.png
Added: svn:mime-type
   + image/png

Added: website/trunk/torvm/img/vidalia-support.png
(Binary files differ)

Property changes on: website/trunk/torvm/img/vidalia-support.png
Added: svn:mime-type
   + image/png

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