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-#include "head.wmi" TITLE="Tor Summary" CHARSET="UTF-8"
-<div class="main-column">
-<h2>Why You Need Tor</h2>
-<hr />
-<p>The vast majority of Internet traffic passes along public routes, making it
-relatively easy for prying eyes to view your comings and goings -- and even
-link some important financial or personal information to you!</p>
-<p>Snoopers can get your information almost anywhere:</p>
-<li>Your Internet service provider</li>
-<li>Your favorite website or online store</li>
-<li>Your favorite coffee shop or cafe with free wifi</li>
-<p>These snooping activities are commonly called traffic analysis. Corporations,
-marketing organizations, governments, and other parties are becoming
-increasingly sophisticated at it.</p>
-<p>Traffic Analysis enables: </p>
-<li>Politically rigid governments to compile lists of citizens reading outlawed
-<li>Thieves, spammers, and phishers to launch progressively sophisticated and
-personalized attacks</li>
-<li>Corporations can collect and aggregate online browsing and chatting behavior for better ad-targeting and profiling.</li>
-<p>For some people, this electronic spying is a nuisance that can affect their
-pocketbook; for others, it jeopardizes their personal security.</p>
-<p>Since 2001, the Tor Project has been developing free and
- open-source software that helps provide anonymity for Internet users. It works
-by allowing users
-to travel the web on a circuitous route over more than 1000 servers positioned
-around the world. When you use Tor, your route on the Internet is indirect,
-so snoops have a difficult time following your path and seizing vital
-information. Tor also has special functionality, called hidden services,
-that allows you to run websites without revealing their location.</p>
-<p>Tor is compatible with different operating systems, such as Microsoft
-Windows, Apple Mac, and various versions of Linux. Tor works with most
-programs that connect your computer to the Internet.</p>
-<p>Tor is used by hundreds of thousands of people to protect their activities
-<li>Journalists who need to protect their sources</li>
-<li>Human rights workers</li>
-<li>Dissidents in politically rigid countries</li>
-<li>Corporations who wish to protect their employees' web traffic</li>
-<li>Whistle blowers who fear retribution</li>
-<li>Governments wishing to protect their agents' and employees' traffic</li>
-<li>Law enforcement officers on Internet sting operations</li>
-<li>People wanting to post socially sensitive information in chat
-rooms, like rape or abuse survivors and those with stigmatized illnesses.</li>
-<p>The Tor Network also provides protection for people looking for another
-layer of privacy from the millions of websites bent on collecting private
-information and tracking their moves online.</p>
-<h2>Why Tor Needs You</h2>
-<hr />
-<p>Other than a few developers, the Tor Project is largely run by volunteers.
-To help keep Tor's worldwide server network running and its open source
-software up-to-date, the Tor project is looking for new sponsors and
-<p>We guarantee your money will be put to good use. For every dollar donated
-to the Tor Project, 85 cents goes directly into development.</p>
-<p>Sponsors receive personal attention, better
-support, and the chance to help us choose which of our priorities we
-should focus on next.</p>
-<p>Your contribution is tax deductible! The Tor Project is a registered
-501(c)(3) non-profit, making donations tax deductible for those living in
-the United States or those paying taxes with charitable donation reciprocity
-with the U.S.</p>
-<p>You'll be in good company! Our sponsors include Google, Bell Security
-Solutions, SRI International, The National Science Foundation, The
-Netherlands' NLnet Foundation, Human Rights Watch and more than 500
-individuals who have donated funds to the Tor Project.</p>
-<p>You'll feel good because you're protecting your information and your
-rights. In this day and age, Tor provides a vital layer of protection for
-you and your data.</p>
-<p>Please join us! Your donations will help keep this important project on the
-cutting edge. If you have any questions about funding the Tor Project, please
-donations at torproject.org</p>
-</div><!-- #main -->
-#include <foot.wmi>

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