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unfinished readme

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+# Author: Runa Sandvik, <runa.sandvik at gmail.com>
+# Google Summer of Code 2009
+This text will aim to explain the basics of wml2po and po2wml. 
+Feel free to email me with questions regarding this text and/or the
+Before running any of the scripts:
+1. The correct location of the wml and po directories need to be set.
+2. You need to have po4a installed on your machine.
+3. You need to have md5sum installed on your machine (found in the
+   coreutils-package on debian and ubuntu systems).
+The basics of wml2po:
+In short, wml2po converts all of the english files to po files and keeps
+them updated.
+The basics of po2wml:
+In short, po2wml converts all of the translated po files back to wml
+files and keeps them updated.

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