[or-cvs] r20020: {torflow} README updates to clarify directory location and some other (torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority)

mikeperry at seul.org mikeperry at seul.org
Wed Jul 15 00:25:19 UTC 2009

Author: mikeperry
Date: 2009-07-14 20:25:19 -0400 (Tue, 14 Jul 2009)
New Revision: 20020


README updates to clarify directory location and some
other details.

Also, let's call the directory tor.scans, as we may
eventually want to dump other types of scans there too.

Modified: torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/README.BwAuthorities
--- torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/README.BwAuthorities	2009-07-14 23:00:00 UTC (rev 20019)
+++ torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/README.BwAuthorities	2009-07-15 00:25:19 UTC (rev 20020)
@@ -46,7 +46,6 @@
 authority, you can just checkout rs-format-fix7.
 3. Compile Tor for your authority and your scanner
 No special configure script options are needed.
@@ -70,10 +69,17 @@
+So for example, an ls in ~/code/tor/ should look like this:
+# ls ~/code/tor/
+Elixir-0.6.1         SQLAlchemy-0.5.5           tor.git
+Elixir-0.6.1.tar.gz  SQLAlchemy-0.5.5.tar.gz    torflow-trunk
 Both these libraries also depend upon python-pysqlite2, which should be 
 a package for your distribution (you want 2.3.x for SQLite 3.x).
 5. Enable voting on bandwidths in your authority torrc
 The new configuration option is V3BandwidthsFile. It specifies the 
@@ -81,7 +87,7 @@
 in the later steps. Pick a location accessible by your Tor 
 directory authority process and any rsync user you may have. 
-I recommend /var/lib/tor.bwscans/bwscan. If you try to use
+I recommend /var/lib/tor.scans/bwscan. If you try to use
 /var/lib/tor, tor will reset your permissions and exclude
 any other users from writing the file there.
@@ -95,8 +101,8 @@
 The new user should have write access to your bwscan dir from step 4.
 # useradd bwscanner
-# chown toruser:bwscanner /var/lib/tor.bwscans/
-# chmod 770 /var/lib/tor.bwscans/
+# chown toruser:bwscanner /var/lib/tor.scans/
+# chmod 770 /var/lib/tor.scans/
 7. Spot-check ./run_scan.sh
@@ -112,12 +118,16 @@
 8. Set up a cron job to submit results
-The provided cron.sh script is meant to be used in a cron job to aggregate the
-results and provide them to your directory authority at least every four
-hours, but more often is better:
+The provided cron.sh script is meant to be used in a cron job to
+aggregate the results and provide them to your directory authority at
+least every four hours, but more often is better.
-# echo "45 0-23 * * * $HOME/code/torflow-trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/cron.sh" | crontab
+Because cron.sh is likely to be updated by SVN, you're going to want to
+make your own copy before you install the cron job:
+# cp cron.sh cron-mine.sh
+# echo "45 0-23 * * * $HOME/code/torflow-trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/cron-mine.sh" | crontab
 Note that authorities vote every hour starting at 50 past the hour.
 Hence the 45 to give us time to gather the results and copy them over.

Modified: torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/cron.sh
--- torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/cron.sh	2009-07-14 23:00:00 UTC (rev 20019)
+++ torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/cron.sh	2009-07-15 00:25:19 UTC (rev 20020)
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 TIMESTAMP=`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M`
@@ -12,5 +12,5 @@
 if [ $? == 0 ]
- scp $OUTPUT bwscan at torauthority.org:/var/lib/tor.bwscans/bwscan
+ #scp $OUTPUT bwscan at torauthority.org:/var/lib/tor.scans/bwscan

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