[or-cvs] r19996: {torflow} Some systems may need to download elixir too. (torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority)

mikeperry at seul.org mikeperry at seul.org
Tue Jul 14 03:29:28 UTC 2009

Author: mikeperry
Date: 2009-07-13 23:29:28 -0400 (Mon, 13 Jul 2009)
New Revision: 19996


Some systems may need to download elixir too.

Modified: torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/README.BwAuthorities
--- torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/README.BwAuthorities	2009-07-14 02:36:37 UTC (rev 19995)
+++ torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/README.BwAuthorities	2009-07-14 03:29:28 UTC (rev 19996)
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@
 No special configure script options are needed.
-4. Download SQLAlchemy 0.5.x-latest.
+4. Download SQLAlchemy 0.5.x-latest and Elixir 0.6.x-latest
 While TorFlow is written to be compatible with both 0.4.x and 0.5.x of
 SQLAlchemy, 0.4.8 seems to exhibit odd object persistence bugs. If your
@@ -65,7 +65,12 @@
 your git checkout (for peace of mind, you will want all three in the
 same place).
+If your distribution does not provide Elixir 0.6.1 or above, do the
+same with Elixir:
 5. Enable voting on bandwidths in your authority torrc
 The new configuration option is V3BandwidthsFile. It specifies the 
@@ -95,7 +100,7 @@
 This is the script that will launch the scanners. By default, it
 launches four in parallel, and expects the git checkout of the
 rs-format-fix branch to be in ../../../tor.git/, and the SQLAlchemy
-extraction to be in ../../../SQLAlchemy-0.5.4p2. 
+extraction to be in ../../../SQLAlchemy-0.5.5
 Again, note that this is the same directory that contains the
 torflow checkout directory.

Modified: torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/run_scan.sh
--- torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/run_scan.sh	2009-07-14 02:36:37 UTC (rev 19995)
+++ torflow/trunk/NetworkScanners/BwAuthority/run_scan.sh	2009-07-14 03:29:28 UTC (rev 19996)
@@ -7,13 +7,18 @@
 #      git branch --track rs-format-fix mikeperry/rs-format-fix
 #      git checkout rs-format-fix
 for i in data/scanner.*
   rm $i/scan-data/*
+# NOTE: You may want to add this step, if these are the only
+# tors run by this user.
+# killall tor && sleep 5 && killall -9 tor
 $TOR_EXE -f ./data/scanner.1/torrc & 
 $TOR_EXE -f ./data/scanner.2/torrc & 
 $TOR_EXE -f ./data/scanner.3/torrc & 

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