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Author: arma
Date: 2007-09-28 18:53:42 -0400 (Fri, 28 Sep 2007)
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whoops, we've been failing to update the ReleaseNotes file

Modified: tor/trunk/ReleaseNotes
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 of Tor. If you want to see more detailed descriptions of the changes in
 each development snapshot, see the ChangeLog file.
+Changes in version - 2007-08-30
+  o Major bugfixes (security):
+    - We removed support for the old (v0) control protocol. It has been
+      deprecated since Tor, and keeping it secure has
+      become more of a headache than it's worth.
+  o Major bugfixes (load balancing):
+    - When choosing nodes for non-guard positions, weight guards
+      proportionally less, since they already have enough load. Patch
+      from Mike Perry.
+    - Raise the "max believable bandwidth" from 1.5MB/s to 10MB/s. This
+      will allow fast Tor servers to get more attention.
+    - When we're upgrading from an old Tor version, forget our current
+      guards and pick new ones according to the new weightings. These
+      three load balancing patches could raise effective network capacity
+      by a factor of four. Thanks to Mike Perry for measurements.
+  o Major bugfixes (stream expiration):
+    - Expire not-yet-successful application streams in all cases if
+      they've been around longer than SocksTimeout. Right now there are
+      some cases where the stream will live forever, demanding a new
+      circuit every 15 seconds. Fixes bug 454; reported by lodger.
+  o Minor features (controller):
+    - Add a PROTOCOLINFO controller command. Like AUTHENTICATE, it
+      is valid before any authentication has been received. It tells
+      a controller what kind of authentication is expected, and what
+      protocol is spoken. Implements proposal 119.
+  o Minor bugfixes (performance):
+    - Save on most routerlist_assert_ok() calls in routerlist.c, thus
+      greatly speeding up loading cached-routers from disk on startup.
+    - Disable sentinel-based debugging for buffer code: we squashed all
+      the bugs that this was supposed to detect a long time ago, and now
+      its only effect is to change our buffer sizes from nice powers of
+      two (which platform mallocs tend to like) to values slightly over
+      powers of two (which make some platform mallocs sad).
+  o Minor bugfixes (misc):
+    - If exit bandwidth ever exceeds one third of total bandwidth, then
+      use the correct formula to weight exit nodes when choosing paths.
+      Based on patch from Mike Perry.
+    - Choose perfectly fairly among routers when choosing by bandwidth and
+      weighting by fraction of bandwidth provided by exits. Previously, we
+      would choose with only approximate fairness, and correct ourselves
+      if we ran off the end of the list.
+    - If we require CookieAuthentication but we fail to write the
+      cookie file, we would warn but not exit, and end up in a state
+      where no controller could authenticate. Now we exit.
+    - If we require CookieAuthentication, stop generating a new cookie
+      every time we change any piece of our config.
+    - Refuse to start with certain directory authority keys, and
+      encourage people using them to stop.
+    - Terminate multi-line control events properly. Original patch
+      from tup.
+    - Fix a minor memory leak when we fail to find enough suitable
+      servers to choose a circuit.
+    - Stop leaking part of the descriptor when we run into a particularly
+      unparseable piece of it.
+Changes in version - 2007-08-01
+  o Major security fixes:
+    - Close immediately after missing authentication on control port;
+      do not allow multiple authentication attempts.
+Changes in version - 2007-07-17
+  o Major bugfixes (compilation):
+    - Fix compile on FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD. Oops.
+  o Major bugfixes (crashes):
+    - Try even harder not to dereference the first character after
+      an mmap(). Reported by lodger.
+    - Fix a crash bug in directory authorities when we re-number the
+      routerlist while inserting a new router.
+    - When the cached-routers file is an even multiple of the page size,
+      don't run off the end and crash. (Fixes bug 455; based on idea
+      from croup.)
+    - Fix eventdns.c behavior on Solaris: It is critical to include
+      orconfig.h _before_ sys/types.h, so that we can get the expected
+      definition of _FILE_OFFSET_BITS.
+  o Major bugfixes (security):
+    - Fix a possible buffer overrun when using BSD natd support. Bug
+      found by croup.
+    - When sending destroy cells from a circuit's origin, don't include
+      the reason for tearing down the circuit. The spec says we didn't,
+      and now we actually don't. Reported by lodger.
+    - Keep streamids from different exits on a circuit separate. This
+      bug may have allowed other routers on a given circuit to inject
+      cells into streams. Reported by lodger; fixes bug 446.
+    - If there's a never-before-connected-to guard node in our list,
+      never choose any guards past it. This way we don't expand our
+      guard list unless we need to.
+  o Minor bugfixes (guard nodes):
+    - Weight guard selection by bandwidth, so that low-bandwidth nodes
+      don't get overused as guards.
+  o Minor bugfixes (directory):
+    - Correctly count the number of authorities that recommend each
+      version. Previously, we were under-counting by 1.
+    - Fix a potential crash bug when we load many server descriptors at
+      once and some of them make others of them obsolete. Fixes bug 458.
+  o Minor bugfixes (hidden services):
+    - Stop tearing down the whole circuit when the user asks for a
+      connection to a port that the hidden service didn't configure.
+      Resolves bug 444.
+  o Minor bugfixes (misc):
+    - On Windows, we were preventing other processes from reading
+      cached-routers while Tor was running. Reported by janbar.
+    - Fix a possible (but very unlikely) bug in picking routers by
+      bandwidth. Add a log message to confirm that it is in fact
+      unlikely. Patch from lodger.
+    - Backport a couple of memory leak fixes.
+    - Backport miscellaneous cosmetic bugfixes.
+Changes in version - 2007-05-25
+  o Directory authority changes:
+    - Two directory authorities (moria1 and moria2) just moved to new
+      IP addresses. This change will particularly affect those who serve
+      or use hidden services.
+  o Major bugfixes (crashes):
+    - If a directory server runs out of space in the connection table
+      as it's processing a begin_dir request, it will free the exit stream
+      but leave it attached to the circuit, leading to unpredictable
+      behavior. (Reported by seeess, fixes bug 425.)
+    - Fix a bug in dirserv_remove_invalid() that would cause authorities
+      to corrupt memory under some really unlikely scenarios.
+    - Tighten router parsing rules. (Bugs reported by Benedikt Boss.)
+    - Avoid segfaults when reading from mmaped descriptor file. (Reported
+      by lodger.)
+  o Major bugfixes (security):
+    - When choosing an entry guard for a circuit, avoid using guards
+      that are in the same family as the chosen exit -- not just guards
+      that are exactly the chosen exit. (Reported by lodger.)
+  o Major bugfixes (resource management):
+    - If a directory authority is down, skip it when deciding where to get
+      networkstatus objects or descriptors. Otherwise we keep asking
+      every 10 seconds forever. Fixes bug 384.
+    - Count it as a failure if we fetch a valid network-status but we
+      don't want to keep it. Otherwise we'll keep fetching it and keep
+      not wanting to keep it. Fixes part of bug 422.
+    - If all of our dirservers have given us bad or no networkstatuses
+      lately, then stop hammering them once per minute even when we
+      think they're failed. Fixes another part of bug 422.
+  o Minor bugfixes:
+    - Actually set the purpose correctly for descriptors inserted with
+      purpose=controller.
+    - When we have k non-v2 authorities in our DirServer config,
+      we ignored the last k authorities in the list when updating our
+      network-statuses.
+    - Correctly back-off from requesting router descriptors that we are
+      having a hard time downloading.
+    - Read resolv.conf files correctly on platforms where read() returns
+      partial results on small file reads.
+    - Don't rebuild the entire router store every time we get 32K of
+      routers: rebuild it when the journal gets very large, or when
+      the gaps in the store get very large.
+  o Minor features:
+    - When routers publish SVN revisions in their router descriptors,
+      authorities now include those versions correctly in networkstatus
+      documents.
+    - Warn when using a version of libevent before 1.3b to run a server on
+      OSX or BSD: these versions interact badly with userspace threads.
 Changes in version - 2007-04-24
 Tor is released in memory of Rob Levin (1955-2006), aka lilo

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