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cleanups and minor improvements

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@@ -21,32 +21,36 @@
 <h3>Core Tor people:</h3>
-<dt>Roger Dingledine (Tor project leader; director)</dt><dd>Original
+<dt>Roger Dingledine (Tor project leader; Director)</dt><dd>Original
 author of Tor, now plays pretty much all the roles in order to keep
 everything on track.</dd>
-<dt>Nick Mathewson (Chief architect; director)</dt><dd>One of the
+<dt>Nick Mathewson (Chief architect; Director)</dt><dd>One of the
 three original designers of Tor; does a lot of the ongoing design work.
 One of the two main developers, along with Roger.</dd>
-<dt>Shava Nerad (Development Director)</dt><dd>Works on grants and
-fundraising, PR and community relations.</dd>
-<dt>Andrew Lewman (director)</dt><dd>Manages the package building for
+<dt>Shava Nerad (Development director)</dt><dd>Works on grants and
+fundraising, PR, and community relations.</dd>
+<dt>Andrew Lewman (Director)</dt><dd>Manages building packages for
 Windows, OS X, Red Hat, and SuSE. Also provides common sense on topics
 like how to run a non-profit and generally helps keep everything moving
-<dt>Matt Edman (<a href="http://vidalia-project.net">Vidalia</a> project
-leader)</dt><dd>Developer for Vidalia, a cross-platform Tor GUI included
-in the Windows and OS X bundles.</dd>
+<dt>Matt Edman</dt><dd>Developer for <a
+href="http://vidalia-project.net/">Vidalia</a>, a cross-platform Tor GUI
+included in the Windows and OS X bundles.</dd>
 <dt>Steven Murdoch (Researcher)</dt><dd>Researcher at the University
-of Cambridge, currently funded by the Tor project, working on improving
-the security, performance and usability of Tor.</dd>
-<dt>Peter Palfrader (Volunteer)</dt><dd>Manages the Debian packages,
+of Cambridge, currently funded by The Tor Project to improve
+the security, performance, and usability of Tor.</dd>
+<dt>Peter Palfrader</dt><dd>Manages the Debian packages,
 runs one of the directory authorities, runs the wiki, and generally
 helps out a lot.</dd>
-<dt>Mike Perry (Volunteer)</dt><dd>Working on TorFlow, a Tor controller
-to build paths through the Tor network and measure various properties
-and behaviors.</dd>
-<dt>Paul Syverson</dt><dd>Inventor of Onion Routing, original designer
-of Tor along with Roger and Nick, project leader for original design,
+<dt>Mike Perry</dt><dd>Author of <a
+href="http://tor.eff.org/svn/torflow/">TorFlow</a>, a Tor
+controller that builds paths through the Tor network and
+measures various properties and behaviors. Working now on a <a
+href="http://torbutton.torproject.org/dev/">much more comprehensive
+version of Torbutton</a>.</dd>
+<dt>Paul Syverson</dt><dd>Inventor of <a
+href="http://www.onion-router.net/">Onion Routing</a>, original designer
+of Tor along with Roger and Nick, and project leader for original design,
 development, and deployment of Tor. Currently helps out with research
 and design.</dd>
@@ -54,22 +58,22 @@
 <h3>The Tor Project Board of Directors:</h3>
-<dt>Ian Goldberg (director)</dt><dd>Has provided cryptographic proofs
+<dt>Ian Goldberg (Director)</dt><dd>Has provided cryptographic proofs
 of security for Tor's authentication protocol.</dd>
-<dt>Rebecca McKinnon (director)</dt><dd>Co-Founder of <a
-href="http://www.globalvoicesonline.org">Global Voices Online</a></dd>
-<dt>Wendy Seltzer (director)</dt><dd>Lawyer,
+<dt>Rebecca McKinnon (Director)</dt><dd>Co-Founder of <a
+href="http://www.globalvoicesonline.org/">Global Voices Online</a>.</dd>
+<dt>Wendy Seltzer (Director)</dt><dd>Lawyer,
 cyberlaw professor, and founder of <a
-<dt>Fred von Lohmann (director)</dt><dd>Fred is a Senior
+<dt>Fred von Lohmann (Director)</dt><dd>Fred is a Senior
 Intellectual Property Attorney at the Electronic Frontier
 Foundation (EFF). His complete bio can be found at the <a
 Staff Site</a>.</dd>
-<dt>Along with Roger, Nick, and Andrew listed above as directors.</dt>
+<dt>Along with Roger, Nick, and Andrew listed above as Directors.</dt>
-<h3>Our Google Summer of Coders:</h3>
+<h3>Our 2007 Google Summer of Coders:</h3>
 <dt>Benedikt Boss</dt><dd>Working on a fuzzer for Tor; mentored by
@@ -86,13 +90,20 @@
 <h3>Core translators:</h3>
-<dt>Jens Kubieziel</dt><dd>German.</dd>
-<dt>Jan Reister</dt><dd>Italian.</dd>
-<dt>Bogdan Pozdrawiam</dt><dd>Polish.</dd>
-<dt>Pei Hanru</dt><dd>Simplified Chinese.</dd>
-<dt>Jan Woning</dt><dd>Dutch.</dd>
+<dt>Jens Kubieziel</dt><dd><a
+<dt>Jan Reister</dt><dd><a
+<dt>Bogdan Pozdrawiam</dt><dd><a
+<dt>Pei Hanru</dt><dd><a
+href="https://tor.eff.org/index.html.zh-cn">Simplified Chinese</a>.</dd>
+<dt>Jan Woning</dt><dd><a
 <h3>Other volunteers:</h3>
@@ -133,7 +144,7 @@
 <dt>Ren Bucholz</dt><dd>Our fine logo and images.</dd>
-<dt>Joe Kowalski</dt><dd>Oringal author and provider of the torstatus
+<dt>Joe Kowalski</dt><dd>Original author and provider of the torstatus
 script formerly run on nighteffect.</dd>
 <dt>Adam Langley</dt><dd>Our fine eventdns code.</dd>
 <dt>Matej Pfajfar</dt><dd>Author of the original onion routing code that

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