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 <h2>Tor: People</h2>
 <hr />
-<p>The Tor Project is managed by <a href="http://freehaven.net/">The
-Free Haven Project</a> as a building block for anonymous and
-censorship-resistant communication and publication systems. Tor is
-developed by <a href="http://freehaven.net/~arma/">Roger Dingledine</a>
-and <a href="http://www.wangafu.net/~nickm/">Nick Mathewson</a>, with
-help from many volunteers around the Internet.</p>
+<p>The Tor Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based out of the United
+States.  The official address of the organization is:<br>
+The Tor Project<br>
+122 Scott Circle<br>
+Dedham, MA  02026 USA<br>
-<p>Shava Nerad joined the project in 2006 as development director. Please
-<a href="mailto:execdir at torproject.net">contact her</a> with press and funding
+<p>The organization consists of many volunteers and a few employees.</p>
+<h3>Core Tor people:</h3>
+<dt>Roger Dingledine (Tor project leader; director)</dt><dd>Original author of Tor,
+now plays pretty much all the roles in order to keep everything on
+<dt>Nick Mathewson (Chief architect; director)</dt><dd>One of the three original
+designers of Tor; does a lot of the ongoing design work.  One of
+the two main developers, along with Roger.</dd>
+<dt>Shava Nerad (Development Director)</dt><dd>Works on grants and fundraising, PR
+and community relations.</dd>
+<dt>Andrew Lewman (director)</dt><dd>Manages the package building for Windows, OS X,
+Red Hat, and SuSE. Also provides common sense on topics like how to run
+a non-profit and generally helps keep everything moving forward.</dd>
+<dt>Matt Edman (<a href="http://vidalia-project.net">Vidalia</a>
+project leader)</dt><dd>Developer for Vidalia, a cross-platform Tor GUI
+included in the Windows and OS X bundles.</dd>
+<dt>Steven Murdoch (Researcher)</dt><dd>Researcher at the University of Cambridge,
+ currently funded by the Tor project, working on improving the security, 
+performance and usability of Tor.</dd>
+<dt>Peter Palfrader (Volunteer)</dt><dd>Manages the Debian packages, runs one of the directory
+authorities, runs the wiki, and generally helps out a lot.</dd>
+<dt>Mike Perry (Volunteer)</dt><dd>Working on TorFlow, a Tor controller to build paths through
+the Tor network and measure various properties and behaviors.</dd>
+<dt>Paul Syverson</dt><dd>Inventor of Onion Routing, original designer of Tor along
+with Roger and Nick, project leader for original design, development,
+and deployment of Tor. Currently helps out with research and design.</dd>
+<h3>The Tor Project Board of Directors:</h3>
+<dt>Ian Goldberg (director)</dt><dd>Has provided cryptographic proofs of security
+for Tor's authentication protocol.</dd>
+<dt>Rebecca McKinnon (director)</dt><dd>Co-Founder of <a
+href="http://www.globalvoicesonline.org">Global Voices Online</a></dd>
+<dt>Wendy Seltzer (director)</dt><dd>Lawyer, cyberlaw professor, and founder of
+<a href="http://chillingeffects.org">ChillingEffects.org</a>.</dd>
+<dt>Fred von Lohmann (director)</dt><dd>Fred is a Senior Intellectual Property
+Attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). His complete bio
+can be found at the <a
+Staff Site</a>.</dd>
+<dt>Along with Roger, Nick, and Andrew listed above as directors.</dt>
+<h3>Our Google Summer of Coders:</h3>
+<dt>Benedikt Boss</dt><dd>Working on a fuzzer for Tor; mentored by Roger.</dd>
+<dt>Christian King</dt><dd> Working on making Tor servers stable on Windows; mentored
+by Nick.</dd>
+<dt>Karsten Loesing</dt><dd> Working on distributing and securing the publishing and
+fetching of hidden service descriptors; mentored by Roger.</dd>
+<dt>Johannes Renner</dt><dd> Working on building tools to measure various properties
+of the Tor network; mentored by Mike Perry.</dd>
+<h3>Core translators:</h3>
+<dt>Jens Kubieziel</dt><dd>German.</dd>
+<dt>Jan Reister</dt><dd>Italian.</dd>
+<dt>Bogdan Pozdrawiam</dt><dd>Polish.</dd>
+<dt>Pei Hanru</dt><dd>Simplified Chinese.</dd>
+<dt>Jan Woning</dt><dd>Dutch.</dd>
+<h3>Other volunteers:</h3>
+<dt>Kevin Bankston</dt><dd>EFF lawyer who helped write the <a
+href="https://tor.eff.org/eff/tor-legal-faq.html.en">Tor Legal FAQ</a> and
+tirelessly answers the phone when somebody in the world has a legal
+question about Tor.</dd>
+<dt>Geoff Goodell</dt><dd>Runs one of the directory authorities, used to run the
+Blossom project which uses Tor as its overlay network, and maintains
+the exit.py Tor server list.</dd>
+<dt>Fabian Keil</dt><dd>One of the core Privoxy developers, and also a Tor fan. He's
+the reason Tor and Privoxy still work well together.</dd>
+<dt>Justin Hipple</dt><dd>The other developer for Vidalia.</dd>
+<dt>Robert Hogan</dt><dd>Project leader for the TorK Tor controller, also
+works on a liveCD that includes Tor and related programs.</dd>
+<dt>Julius Mittenzwei</dt><dd>A lawyer with the CCC in Germany. Coordinates the
+German Tor community with respect to legal questions and concerns.</dd>
+<dt>Lasse Øverlier</dt><dd>Writes research papers on Tor: attacks, defenses, and
+resource management, especially for hidden services.</dd>
+<dt>Martin Peck and Kyle Williams</dt><dd>Developers for JanusVM, a VMWare-based
+transparent Tor proxy that makes Tor easier to set up and use.</dd>
+<dt>Scott Squires</dt><dd>The original developer of TorButton.</dd>
+<dt>Jacob Appelbaum</dt><dd> Runs the TorDNSEL site.</dd>
+<dt>Tup (a pseudonym -- he's managed to stay anonymous even from
+us!)</dt><dd>Periodically adds new features for making Tor more transparent to
+use. Also maintains the TorDNSEL code.</dd>
+<dt>Ethan Zuckerman</dt><dd>A blogger who has written some great tutorials for how,
+when, and whether to use Tor.</dd>
+<dt>All our server operators, people who write research papers about Tor, people
+who teach others about Tor, etc.</dt>
+<h3>Past thanks to:</h3>
+<dt>Ren Bucholz</dt><dd>Our fine logo and images.</dd>
+<dt>Joe Kowalski</dt><dd>Oringal author and provider of the torstatus script formerly run
+on nighteffect.</dd>
+<dt>Adam Langley</dt><dd>Our fine eventdns code.</dd>
+<dt>Matej Pfajfar</dt><dd>Author of the original onion routing code that Tor is
+based on, so we didn't have to start from scratch.</dd>
 <p>Tor was designed by Roger Dingledine and Nick Mathewson of Free
 Haven and <a href="http://www.syverson.org/">Paul Syverson</a> of the
 <a href="http://www.nrl.navy.mil/">Naval Research Laboratory</a>, based

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