[or-cvs] r8408: a few more todo changes (tor/trunk/doc)

arma at seul.org arma at seul.org
Sun Sep 17 17:57:57 UTC 2006

Author: arma
Date: 2006-09-17 13:57:56 -0400 (Sun, 17 Sep 2006)
New Revision: 8408

a few more todo changes

Modified: tor/trunk/doc/TODO
--- tor/trunk/doc/TODO	2006-09-17 06:18:06 UTC (rev 8407)
+++ tor/trunk/doc/TODO	2006-09-17 17:57:56 UTC (rev 8408)
@@ -18,8 +18,6 @@
       by default, if it works?"
 Items for 0.1.2.x, real soon now:
-R o avoid thrashing the bandwidth exercise when we change IPs a lot
-    (we avoid simply by not doing any new tests when we change IPs.)
   - When we've been idle a long time, we stop fetching server
     descriptors. When we then get a socks request, we build circuits
     immediately using whatever descriptors we have, rather than waiting
@@ -33,8 +31,7 @@
   . Figure out avoiding duplicate /24 lines
     o automatically add /16 servers to family
     - do it in an efficient way. keep a list of something somewhere?
-    - make the "16" part configurable, so people who run their own
-      tor network can set it to 32.
+    - make it configurable, so people can turn it on or off.
 N - Clients stop dumping old descriptors if the network-statuses
     claim they're still valid.
   . If we fail to connect via an exit enclave, (warn and) try again
@@ -80,8 +77,6 @@
         Interface should be set_request_listener(sock, cb); [ cb(request) ]
         send_reply(request, answer);.
-  - Directory guards
   - Make reverse DNS work.
     - Specify
     X Implement with dnsworkers
@@ -164,6 +159,7 @@
     without fetching all statuses. A new URL to fetch I presume?
 Deferred from 0.1.2.x:
+  - Directory guards
   - Memory use improvements:
     - Look into pulling serverdescs off buffers as they arrive.
     - Save and mmap v1 directories, and networkstatus docs; store them

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