[or-cvs] r8641: prune resolved items from the todo (tor/trunk/doc)

arma at seul.org arma at seul.org
Sat Oct 7 19:47:12 UTC 2006

Author: arma
Date: 2006-10-07 15:47:11 -0400 (Sat, 07 Oct 2006)
New Revision: 8641

prune resolved items from the todo

Modified: tor/trunk/doc/TODO
--- tor/trunk/doc/TODO	2006-10-07 19:39:36 UTC (rev 8640)
+++ tor/trunk/doc/TODO	2006-10-07 19:47:11 UTC (rev 8641)
@@ -24,41 +24,6 @@
     until we've fetched correct ones.
 x - If the client's clock is too far in the past, it will drop (or
     just not try to get) descriptors, so it'll never build circuits.
-  o when we start, remove^Wmark as unusable any entryguards that are listed
-    in excludenodes.
-  o Remember the last time we saw one of our entry guards labeled with
-    the GUARD flag. If it's been too long, it is not suitable for use.
-    If it's been really too long, remove it from the list.
-  o Figure out avoiding duplicate /24 lines
-    o automatically add /16 servers to family
-    D do it in an efficient way. keep a list of something somewhere?
-      D The right thing here is to revamp our node selection implementation.
-        (Deferred until oprofile says this matters.)
-    o make it configurable, so people can turn it on or off.
-  o Add script to grep for identical log msgs.
-  o Bug 200: disprefer exit nodes for entry, middle.
-    o Specify
-    o Implement
-  o Bug 303: block exit from circuits created with create-fast
-    o Specify and document
-    o Implement
-    o Note that we'd like a better speed-bump too.
-  o Bug 336: CIRC events should have digests when appropriate.
-  o Improve behavior when telling nicknames and digests to controllers.
-    We should give digest, and nickname, with indication of whether name is
-    canonical.
-    o edmanm likes $DIGEST~nickname for unNamed routers, and
-      $DIGEST=nickname for Named routers. So do I.
-    o Make the code accept it where we currently ask for the nickname of
-      another server. Semantics should be strict to start ($D=N means, "give
-      me the Named server with digest D named N"; $D~N means "give me a
-      server with digest D named N".  Nothing else matches.)
-    o Add ability to selectively send 'long' nicknames on v1 connections.
-    o Add a feature to actually turn on the switch.
-    o Implement response for ORCONN.
-    o As used in responses to getinfo requests?
-    o Verify that everything actually does the right thing.
-    o Specify everything.
 N - Bug 326: make eventdns thrash less.
 N - Test guard unreachable logic; make sure that we actually attempt to
@@ -66,12 +31,6 @@
     Make sure that we don't freak out when the network is down.
 N - Clients stop dumping old descriptors if the network-statuses
     claim they're still valid.
-  o If we fail to connect via an exit enclave, (warn and) try again
-    without demanding that exit node.
-    o And recognize when extending to the enclave node is failing,
-      so we can abandon then too.
-  o We need a separate list of "hidserv authorities" if we want to
-    retire moria1 from the main list.
 P - Figure out why dll's compiled in mingw don't work right in Winxp.
 P - Figure out why openssl 0.9.8c "make test" fails at sha256t test.
@@ -82,9 +41,6 @@
     we accept exits for all positions, we leak whether it's an internal
     circuit at every step. If we accept exits only at the last hop, we
     reintroduce Lasse's attacks from the Oakland paper.
-  o re-enable blossom functionality: let tor servers decide if they
-    will use local search when resolving, or not.
-    o Document it.
   - enumerate events of important things that occur in tor, so vidalia can
 N   - Backend implementation
@@ -113,14 +69,9 @@
   - Servers are easy to setup and run: being a relay is about as easy as
     being a client.
     . Reduce resource load
-      o Come up with good 'nicknames' automatically, or make no-nickname
-        routers workable. [Make a magic nickname "Unnamed" that can't be
-        registered and can't be looked up by nickname.]
 d     - Tolerate clock skew on bridge relays.
 N     - A way to examine router flags from controller.
 d     - A way to adjust router flags from the controller
-      o A way to export server descriptors to controllers
-          o Event for "when did routerdesc last change".
 d     - a way to pick entries based wholly on extend_info equivalent;
         a way to export extend_info equivalent.
 R     - option to dl directory info via tor
@@ -181,11 +132,6 @@
       fractional uptime).
       - AKA Track uptime as %-of-time-up, as well as time-since-last-down
-    o Clients should prefer to avoid exit nodes for non-exit path positions.
-      (bug 200)
-      o spec
-      o implement
     - Have a "Faster" status flag that means it. Fast2, Fast4, Fast8?
 x     - spec
 d     - implement
@@ -196,7 +142,6 @@
   - Critical but minor bugs, backport candidates.
 d   - Failed rend desc fetches sometimes don't get retried. True/false?
-    o non-v1 authorities should not accept rend descs.
 R   - support dir 503s better
       o clients don't log as loudly when they receive them
       - they don't count toward the 3-strikes rule
@@ -231,8 +176,6 @@
 M   - rewrite how libevent does select() on win32 so it's not so very slow.
       - Add overlapped IO
-  o Exitlist should avoid outputting the same IP address twice.
 Nd- Have a mode that doesn't write to disk much, so we can run Tor on
     flash memory (e.g. Linksys routers or USB keys).
     o Add AvoidDiskWrites config option.
@@ -241,7 +184,7 @@
     - stop caching directory stuff -- and disable mmap?
     - more?
-NR- Write path-spec.txt
+NR. Write path-spec.txt
   - Packaging
     - Tell people about OSX Uninstaller
@@ -415,10 +358,6 @@
       ORPort/DirPort.  It should support ranges and bit prefixes (?) too.
       - Parse this.
       - Relay this in networkstatus.
-  o smartlist_uniq(): We have at least 3 places that check a smartlist for
-    duplicates and then removes them: networkstatus_parse_from_string(),
-    sort_version_list(), and router_rebuild_descriptor().  This should probably
-    get its own function that takes a comparator and a delete function.
 Future version:
   - Configuration format really wants sections.

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