[or-cvs] r8569: note valid flag in path spec. (in tor/trunk: . doc)

nickm at seul.org nickm at seul.org
Sun Oct 1 21:59:00 UTC 2006

Author: nickm
Date: 2006-10-01 17:59:00 -0400 (Sun, 01 Oct 2006)
New Revision: 8569

 r8824 at totoro:  nickm | 2006-10-01 17:35:55 -0400
 note valid flag in path spec.

Property changes on: tor/trunk
 svk:merge ticket from /tor/trunk [r8824] on 96637b51-b116-0410-a10e-9941ebb49b64

Modified: tor/trunk/doc/path-spec.txt
--- tor/trunk/doc/path-spec.txt	2006-10-01 21:42:44 UTC (rev 8568)
+++ tor/trunk/doc/path-spec.txt	2006-10-01 21:59:00 UTC (rev 8569)
@@ -49,7 +49,8 @@
    A "clean" circuit is one that has not yet been used for any traffic.
-   A "fast" or "stable" node is one that has the 'Fast' or 'Stable' flag
+   A "fast" or "stable" or "valid" node is one that has the 'Fast' or
+   'Stable' or 'Valid' flag
    set respectively, based on our current directory information.  A "fast"
    or "stable" circuit is one consisting only of "fast" or "stable" nodes.

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