[or-cvs] r9053: remove some completed items from the TODO (in tor/trunk: . doc)

nickm at seul.org nickm at seul.org
Fri Dec 8 05:27:15 UTC 2006

Author: nickm
Date: 2006-12-08 00:27:13 -0500 (Fri, 08 Dec 2006)
New Revision: 9053

 r11483 at Kushana:  nickm | 2006-12-08 00:26:56 -0500
 remove some completed items from the TODO

Property changes on: tor/trunk
 svk:merge ticket from /tor/trunk [r11483] on c95137ef-5f19-0410-b913-86e773d04f59

Modified: tor/trunk/doc/TODO
--- tor/trunk/doc/TODO	2006-12-08 04:39:13 UTC (rev 9052)
+++ tor/trunk/doc/TODO	2006-12-08 05:27:13 UTC (rev 9053)
@@ -30,8 +30,6 @@
     connect to guards that we think are unreachable from time to time.
     Make sure that we don't freak out when the network is down.
 N - Stop recommending exits as guards?
-  o Clients stop dumping old descriptors if the network-statuses
-    claim they're still valid.
 P - Figure out why dll's compiled in mingw don't work right in WinXP.
 P - Figure out why openssl 0.9.8d "make test" fails at sha256t test.
@@ -59,13 +57,6 @@
 N - Document .noconnect addresses... but where?
-  o Send back RELAY_END cells on malformed RELAY_BEGIN.
-  o Change the circuit end reason display a little for reasons from
-    destroyed/truncated circuits.  We want to indicate both that we're
-    closing because somebody told us to, and why they told us they wanted to
-    close.
 x - We should ship with a list of stable dir mirrors -- they're not
     trusted like the authorities, but they'll provide more robustness
     and diversity for bootstrapping clients.
@@ -77,9 +68,6 @@
     being a client.
     . Reduce resource load
 d     - Tolerate clock skew on bridge relays.
-      o A way to examine router flags from controller.
-        o Specify: GETINFO ns/id/x, ns/name/x, ns/all.
-        o Implement
       o A way to alert controller when router flags change.
         o Specify: SETEVENTS NS
         o Implement
@@ -111,15 +99,6 @@
 d     - Special-case localhost?
       - Verify that it works on windows
     . Make reverse DNS work.
-      o Specify
-      X Implement with dnsworkers
-        (There's no point doing this, since we will throw away dnsworkers once
-        eventdns is confirmed to work everywhere.)
-      o Implement in eventdns
-      o Connect to resolve cells, server-side.
-      o Add element to routerinfo to note routers that aren't using eventdns,
-        so we can avoid sending them reverse DNS etc.
-      o Fix the bug with server-side caching, whatever is causing it.
       . Add client-side interface
         o SOCKS interface: specify
         o SOCKS interface: implement
@@ -143,10 +122,6 @@
 x     - spec
 d     - implement
-  o Changes towards a more efficient dir protocol.
-    o Later, servers will stop generating new descriptors simply
-      because 18 hours have passed: we must start tolerating this now.
   - Critical but minor bugs, backport candidates.
 d   - Failed rend desc fetches sometimes don't get retried. True/false?
 R   - support dir 503s better
@@ -160,17 +135,6 @@
         when they feel like it.
       - update dir-spec with what we decided for each of these
-    o provide no-cache no-index headers from the dirport?
-      o Specify
-        o cacheing
-          o Single network-statuses, single descriptors, "all", "authority",
-            and v1 directory stuff are all cacheable for a short time.
-          o Multiple network-statuses or descriptors are not cacheable.
-          o Be sure to be correct wrt HTTP/1.0
-        o indexing
-          o robots.txt (oh, it was already there.)
-      o Implement
   - Windows server usability
     - Solve the ENOBUFS problem.
       - make tor's use of openssl operate on buffers rather than sockets,

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