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Sat Dec 30 03:36:39 UTC 2006

Author: nickm
Date: 2006-12-29 22:36:36 -0500 (Fri, 29 Dec 2006)
New Revision: 9221

 r11767 at Kushana:  nickm | 2006-12-29 22:36:22 -0500
 remove more completed items from the TODO.

Property changes on: tor/trunk
 svk:merge ticket from /tor/trunk [r11767] on c95137ef-5f19-0410-b913-86e773d04f59

Modified: tor/trunk/doc/TODO
--- tor/trunk/doc/TODO	2006-12-30 02:41:14 UTC (rev 9220)
+++ tor/trunk/doc/TODO	2006-12-30 03:36:36 UTC (rev 9221)
@@ -28,9 +28,6 @@
 N - Test guard unreachable logic; make sure that we actually attempt to
     connect to guards that we think are unreachable from time to time.
     Make sure that we don't freak out when the network is down.
-  o Stop recommending exits as guards?
-    look at the overall fraction of exits in the network. if the
-    fraction is too small, none of them get to be guards.
 R - Reconstruct ChangeLog; put rolled-up info in ReleaseNotes or something.
@@ -46,30 +43,14 @@
   . Have (and document) a BEGIN_DIR relay cell that means "Connect to your
     directory port."
-    o Specify
     o Implement
-    o Use for something, so we can be sure it works.
-    o Test and debug
 R   - turn the received socks addr:port into a digest for setting .exit
     - be able to connect without having a server descriptor, to bootstrap.
 R     - handle connect-dir streams that don't have a chosen_exit_name set.
       o include ORPort in DirServers lines so we can know where to connect.
         list the orport as 0 if it can't handle begin_dir.
-      o List versions in status page
-        o A new line in the status entry. "Tor". If it's
-          a version, treat it like one. If it's something else, assume
-          it's at least 0.1.2.x.
-        D maybe we could have it be a new 'v' line in the status, with
-          key=value syntax. so we could have a 'tor' version, but we
-          could also have a 'conn' version, a 'dir' version, etc down
-          the road. and one day maybe the 'tor' key would be deprecated.
-    o Give the right answer for X-Your-Address-Is on tunneled directory
-      connections.
+        - List orports of actual dirservers..
-  o Document .noconnect addresses...
-    A new file 'address-spec.txt' that describes .exit, .onion,
-    .noconnect, etc?
   - Servers are easy to setup and run: being a relay is about as easy as
     being a client.
     . Reduce resource load
@@ -88,46 +69,12 @@
           handle BEGIN_DIR.
 N - DNS improvements
-    o Don't ask reject *:* nodes for DNS unless client wants you to.
     . Asynchronous DNS
       - Make evdns use windows strerror equivalents.
       - Make sure patches get into libevent.
       - Verify that it works well on windows
-    o Make reverse DNS work.
-      o Add client-side interface
-        o SOCKS interface: specify
-        o SOCKS interface: implement
-        o Cache answers client-side
-        o Add to Tor-resolve.py
-        o Add to tor-resolve
-    D Be a DNS proxy.
-    o Check for invalid characters in hostnames before trying to resolve
-      them.  (This will help catch attempts do to mean things to our DNS
-      server, and bad software that tries to do DNS lookups on whole URLs.)
-      o address_is_invalid_destination() is the right thing to call here
-        (and feel free to make that function smarter)
-      o add a config option to turn it off.
-      o and a man page for that option
-    o Bug 364: notice when all the DNS requests we get back (including a few
-      well-known sites) are all going to the same place.
-    o Bug 363: Warn and die if we can't find a nameserver and we're running a
-      server; don't fall back to
-    o Re-check dns when we change IP addresses, rather than every 12 hours
-    o Bug 326: Give fewer error messages from nameservers.
-      o Only warn when _all_ nameservers are down; otherwise info.
-      D Increase timeout; what's industry standard?
-        D Alternatively, raise timeout when nameserver dies but comes back
-          quickly?
-      o Don't believe that our sole nameserver is dead?  or, not until more
-        failures than it would take to think one of several nameservers was
-        dead?
-      X Possibly, don't warn until second retry of a nameserver gets no
-        answer?
-      X warn if all of your nameservers go down and stay down for like
-        5 minutes.
-R o Take out the '5 second' timeout from the socks detach schedule.
+    - Debug and re-enable server-side reverse DNS caching
-  - Performance improvements
   - Critical but minor bugs, backport candidates.
     - support dir 503s better
@@ -136,22 +83,11 @@
         D But eventually, we give up after getting a lot of 503s.
 N       - Delay when we get a lot of 503s, rather than punting onto the
           servers that have given us 503s?
-      o split "router is down" from "dirport shouldn't be tried for a while"?
-        We want a field to hold "when did we last get a 503 from this
-        directory server."  Probably, it should go in local_routerstatus_t,
-        not in routerinfo_t, since we can try to use servers as directories
-        before we have their descriptors.  Possibly, it should also go in
-        trusted_dir_server_t.
-        o Add a last_dir_503_at field.
-        o Have it get updated correctly.
-        o Prefer to use directories that haven't given us a 503 for the last
-          60 minutes.
       - authorities should *never* 503 a cache, and should never 503
         network status requests. They can 503 client descriptor requests
         when they feel like it.
       - update dir-spec with what we decided for each of these
   o Have a mode that doesn't write to disk much, so we can run Tor on
     flash memory (e.g. Linksys routers or USB keys).
     o Add AvoidDiskWrites config option.
@@ -163,6 +99,10 @@
 NR. Write path-spec.txt
+  - Polishing
+    - Profile client and server; fix slow spots
+    - Address XXX012 items
   - Packaging
     - Tell people about OSX Uninstaller
     - Quietly document NT Service options
@@ -173,8 +113,6 @@
       key, etc.
     - If we haven't replaced privoxy, lock down its configuration in all
       packages, as documented in tor-doc-unix.html
-    o script to look at config.c, torrc.sample, tor.1.in, to tell us
-      what's missing in which and notice which descriptions are missing.
   - Docs
     - More prominently, we should have a recommended apps list.
@@ -196,8 +134,6 @@
       - separate config options for read vs write limiting
   - Forward compatibility fixes
-    o Stop requiring "opt" to ignore options in descriptors, networkstatuses,
-      and so on.
     - Caches should start trying to cache consensus docs?
     - Start uploading short and long descriptors; authorities should support
       URLs to retrieve long descriptors, and should discard short descriptors
@@ -215,13 +151,6 @@
   - Design next-version protocol for directories
   - Design next-version protocol for connections
-For blocking-resistance scheme:
-  o allow ordinary-looking ssl for dir connections. need a new dirport
-    for this, or can we handle both ssl and non-ssl, or should we
-    entirely switch to ssl in certain cases?
-  D need to figure out how to fetch status of a few servers from the BDA
-    without fetching all statuses. A new URL to fetch I presume?
 Deferred from 0.1.2.x:
 P - Figure out why dll's compiled in mingw don't work right in WinXP.
 P - Figure out why openssl 0.9.8d "make test" fails at sha256t test.
@@ -296,8 +225,6 @@
   - a way to pick entry guards based wholly on extend_info equivalent;
     a way to export extend_info equivalent.
-  o Count TLS bandwidth more accurately
   - Better estimates in the directory of whether servers have good uptime
     (high expected time to failure) or good guard qualities (high
     fractional uptime).
@@ -337,11 +264,8 @@
   - add a "default.action" file to the tor/vidalia bundle so we can fix the
     https thing in the default configuration:
-  o even if your torrc lists yourself in your myfamily line, don't list it in
-    the descriptor.
   . Flesh out options_description array in src/or/config.c
   - Don't let 'newnym' be triggered more often than every n seconds.
-  o change log_fn() to log() on notice/warn/err logs where we can.
   X If we try to publish as a nickname that's already claimed, should
     we append a number (or increment the number) and try again? This
     way people who read their logs can fix it as before, but people
@@ -356,7 +280,6 @@
   - Rate limit exit connections to a given destination -- this helps
     us play nice with websites when Tor users want to crawl them; it
     also introduces DoS opportunities.
-  o The bw_accounting file should get merged into the state file.
   - Streamline how we pick entry nodes: Make choose_random_entry() have
     less magic and less control logic.
   - Christian Grothoff's attack of infinite-length circuit.

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