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Fri Jul 1 03:56:30 UTC 2005

Update of /home2/or/cvsroot/website
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comment out tor-

Index: download.html
RCS file: /home2/or/cvsroot/website/download.html,v
retrieving revision 1.117
retrieving revision 1.118
diff -u -d -r1.117 -r1.118
--- download.html	1 Jul 2005 02:33:39 -0000	1.117
+++ download.html	1 Jul 2005 03:56:28 -0000	1.118
@@ -54,15 +54,15 @@
 <li><b>Windows</b> installer:
 <a href="dist/win32/tor-"></a> (<a
-<a href="dist/win32/tor-"></a> (<a
+<!--<a href="dist/win32/tor-"></a> (<a
+href="dist/win32/tor-">sig</a>). -->
 Be sure to read the <a
 href="cvs/tor/doc/tor-doc-win32.html">Win32-specific instructions</a>.</li>
 <li><b>Mac OS X</b> installer:
 <a href="dist/osx/Tor Bundle.dmg"></a> (<a
 href="dist/osx/Tor Bundle.dmg.asc">sig</a>),
-<a href="dist/osx/Tor Bundle.dmg"></a> (<a
-href="dist/osx/Tor Bundle.dmg.asc">sig</a>).
+<!--<a href="dist/osx/Tor Bundle.dmg"></a> (<a
+href="dist/osx/Tor Bundle.dmg.asc">sig</a>).-->
 Be sure to read the <a
 href="cvs/tor/doc/tor-doc-osx.html">OS X specific instructions</a>.</li>
 <li><b>Red Hat Linux</b> package:
@@ -70,15 +70,16 @@
 <a href="dist/rpm/tor-"> SRPM</a> (<a
 <a href="dist/rpm/tor-"> RPM</a> (<a
 <a href="dist/rpm/tor-"> SRPM</a> (<a
 <li>Latest source tarballs: <a href="dist/tor-"></a>
 (<a href="dist/tor-">sig</a>),
-<a href="dist/tor-"></a>
-(<a href="dist/tor-">sig</a>).
+<!--<a href="dist/tor-"></a>
+(<a href="dist/tor-">sig</a>).-->
 You will <a href="http://www.monkey.org/~provos/libevent/">need
 libevent</a>. If you are brave enough to try building from source on
 Windows, you'll need libevent 1.0c or later.</li>

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