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Updated instructions to include how to restart Privoxy after making the

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@@ -111,7 +111,17 @@
 <tt>logfile privoxy.log</tt><br>
 and the line <br>
 <tt>jarfile jar.log</tt><br>
-Be sure to save.
+Be sure to save. You'll need to exit and restart Privoxy for the changes
+to take affect.  
+<p>Instructions for restarting Privoxy:<br>
+<li>Right click on the Privoxy systray icon and choose "Exit Privoxy".
+<li> Left click on Start Menu then Programs then Privoxy.  Select the
+green "P" Privoxy icon.  This starts Privoxy, which should appear in your system
+tray again.</li>
 <img border="1" alt="comment out logfile"

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