[or-cvs] Note item status; add persistence task

Nick Mathewson nickm at seul.org
Fri Jul 22 17:34:12 UTC 2005

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Note item status; add persistence task

Index: TODO
RCS file: /home/or/cvsroot/tor/doc/TODO,v
retrieving revision 1.333
retrieving revision 1.334
diff -u -d -r1.333 -r1.334
--- TODO	22 Jul 2005 14:54:37 -0000	1.333
+++ TODO	22 Jul 2005 17:34:10 -0000	1.334
@@ -87,12 +87,14 @@
         o Implement main controller interface
         o Glue code
         o Testing
+N - Make configuration parsing code switchable to different sets of
+    variables so we can use it for persistence.
 N . helper nodes (Choose N nodes randomly; if a node dies (goes down for a
     long time), replace it.  Store nodes on disk.
-    - Implement (basic case)
+    o Implement (basic case)
     - Implement (persistence)
-    - Test, debug
     - Document
+    - Test, debug
 N - Make a FirewallIPs to correspond to firewallPorts so I can use Tor at
     MIT when my directory is out of date.
   - switch accountingmax to count total in+out, not either in or

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