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tell people how to submit

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 what major functions to look for and what functions were implemented.</li>
+<p>To submit your entry, make a web page with
+all your materials on it, then add a line to <a
+GUI Contest Entries Wiki</a>. (If you don't have a web page of
+your own to put your entry on, find a friend who does, or mail <a
+href="mailto:tor-gui at freehaven.net">tor-gui at freehaven.net</a> and we'll
+put it up on a temporary page.</p>
+<p>If you put it up on your own site, you can continue to update and
+modify it. Remember that submitting early means you can get feedback
+from Tor users and make it into a better submission!</p>
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 <a id="Criteria"></a>
 <h3><a class="anchor" href="#Criteria">Criteria</a></h3>

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