[or-cvs] clean up osx doc more; this closes bug 169 too

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Wed Jul 20 21:20:49 UTC 2005

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clean up osx doc more; this closes bug 169 too

Index: tor-doc-osx.html
RCS file: /home2/or/cvsroot/tor/doc/tor-doc-osx.html,v
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retrieving revision 1.39
diff -u -d -r1.38 -r1.39
--- tor-doc-osx.html	20 Jul 2005 19:38:56 -0000	1.38
+++ tor-doc-osx.html	20 Jul 2005 21:20:47 -0000	1.39
@@ -87,35 +87,33 @@
 <p>If you want to use Tor with Safari, you need to change your
-Network Settings. The process looks something like:</p>
+Network Settings. Select your Network Preferences from the Apple |
+Location menu:</p>
 <img alt="Network settings"
-Select your Network Preferences from the Apple | Location menu.</p>
-<img alt="Network preferences"
-<p>Select the Network Interface you want to enable Tor on. If you use
+<p>Select the Network Interface on which you want to enable Tor. If you use
 more than one Interface you must change the proxy settings for each
-<img alt="Proxy settings"
+<img alt="Network preferences"
 <p>Select and enter and port 8118 for both
 Web Proxy (HTTP) and your Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS).
-You should consider clicking on "FTP Proxy" too; see <a
+You should also do this for "FTP Proxy" and "Gopher Proxy"; see <a
 note</a> about Tor and ftp proxies. Leave your Use Passive FTP Mode
 (PASV) setting as is.</p>
+<img alt="Proxy settings"
 <p>Using privoxy is <strong>necessary</strong> because <a
 leak your
@@ -196,6 +194,10 @@
+   <li>/Library/Receipts/Privoxy.pkg/</li>
+   <li>/Library/Receipts/privoxyconf.pkg/</li>
+   <li>/Library/Receipts/Tor.pkg/</li>
+   <li>/Library/Receipts/torstartup.pkg/</li>

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