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add more ideas for controllers
plus link to danyel's faq entry on academic usability research on tor

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 <p>Entries will:</p>
-<li>Allow the user to fully configure Tor without directly searching
+<li>Allow the user to fully configure Tor rather than manually searching
 for and opening text files.</li>
 <li>Let users learn about the current state of their Tor connection (including
 which servers they are connected to, and how many of them), and find
@@ -100,25 +100,43 @@
 including accounting for both Tor- and non-Tor traffic</li>
 additional statistics about the Tor connection.</li>
+<li>Give users more control over how their Tor behaves at certain times
+of day or in other contexts (like operating as a server).</li>
+<p>Some examples of useful features include:</p>
-<li>How much bandwidth am I using?</li>
-<li>What servers do I know about on the network? Where are they? How
-available are they?</li>
-<li>Provide an interface for controlling Tor paths: "show me
-the network from Africa by way of Asia". Think of the global satellite
-map from the movie <i>Sneakers</i>.</li>
+<li>How much bandwidth is the user using via Tor? How does this compare
+to the overall network traffic to/from the computer?</li>
+<li>Is there network traffic from ports or applications that the user
+intended to be anonymized?</li>
+<li>What Tor servers does the user know about on the network? Where are
+they? How available are they?</li>
+<li>Provide an interface for displaying or controlling Tor paths:
+"show me the network from Africa by way of Asia". Think of the global
+satellite map from the movie <i>Sneakers</i>.</li>
 <li>Configure other running applications to use Tor (for example,
 by modifying or working through the network stack, and/or by altering
 application configurations).</li>
-<li>Provide an elegant installer for Tor, the GUI application, and
+<li>Provide an elegant installer for Tor, your GUI submission, and
 other supporting applications.</li>
+<li>Make your GUI manage the Tor process and other supporting applications
+-- start them, stop them, realize when they've died.</li>
 <li>Provide meaningful defaults for a good Tor experience.</li>
 <li>Provide application-level anonymity -- that is, not just paying
 attention to transport anonymity on the level of Tor, but also paying
 attention to the anonymity of the http headers, cookies, etc.</li>
+<li>Let the user specify different config option sets depending on
+time of day (e.g. daytime vs. nighttime).</li>
+<li>Provide useful controller functions for Tor servers too --
+for example, recommended bandwidth configurations.</li>
+<li>Have a "minimized view" of your GUI for common use, and then a more
+detailed view or set of windows when the user wants more detail.</li>
+<li>Provide a button or some automatically updating interface to let
+the user learn whether Tor is working currently; and give useful
+messages and recommendations if it doesn't seem to be working.</li>
+<li>Provide a way to automatically configure local firewalls (ipchains,
+Windows ones, etc) to let Tor traffic out (and in, for Tor servers).</li>
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@@ -247,7 +265,10 @@
 <li>Stage 2 deadline (code): January 31, 2006.</li>
-<p>Winners will be announced at the SOUPS 2006 conference.</p>
+<p>Winners will be announced on the webpage and also at the SOUPS 2006
+conference. (Here's a suggestion on <a
+usability research on Tor</a>.)</p>
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 <h3>Questions and clarifications</h3>

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