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#33109: Make (and then use) a blog account policy
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 We have a bunch of old accounts on the blog, and for basic security
 hygiene, we should clean them up.

 Even better, let's take this chance to develop, and post somewhere, a
 policy for who should be able to have a blog account, and when we'll
 disable them due to inactivity or etc.

 Here is a proposed start to such a policy:

 * Any Tor Core Contributor can get a blog account, and it can stay active
 as long as they remain a core contributor.


 * We encourage everybody with an active blog account to do blog posts.
 Before you post, please work with the comms team to make sure the timing
 and content are best.

 * To limit security surface area, we will disable accounts that haven't
 logged in during the past n months. Accounts can always be re-enabled when
 people want to use them again.

   (I suggest n=18 months. We should specify some avenue for how to request
 the account in the first place, and for how to request re-enabling.)

 * Posters should be aware of, and follow, our blog comment moderation


 * We encourage guest posts from the broader community about topics that
 are important to Tor and Tor users. The best way to arrange a guest post
 is to get an existing Core Contributor to vouch for the guest, and then
 depending on the situation, either the core person will post it, or we'll
 make a blog account for the guest.

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