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Thu Jan 16 13:25:17 UTC 2020

#32976: Bundle geckodriver for Linux in Tor Browser output
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 I was looking at [https://github.com/webfp/tor-browser-selenium tor-
 browser-selenium] for a non-performance-measurement related task and got
 told to "Install geckodriver from the geckodriver releases page". I could
 not find any GPG signature or some other way to authenticate the binary
 (apart from having it fetched over TLS) which makes me feel a bit uneasy.

 So, how about building `geckodriver` during our build and bundle it in our
 release directory as we do for other auxiliary tools as well? Another
 benefit of doing so is having always the proper `geckodriver` available
 for running a respective Tor Browser. No need anymore to figure out which
 of the download options from the website to choose from with the risk of
 running into weird errors. The costs are additional size for the whole
 browser directory (although only 2MB per arch) and slightly higher code

 I can work on that ticket of a patch would be accepted.

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