[tor-bugs] #32968 [Internal Services/Service - jenkins]: Stem Jenkins CI failing with segfaults

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Wed Jan 15 23:27:08 UTC 2020

#32968: Stem Jenkins CI failing with segfaults
     Reporter:  atagar                               |      Owner:  weasel
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 Hi lovely sysadmins. [https://jenkins.torproject.org/job/stem-tor-ci/
 Stem's Jenkins CI] is frequently failing with segmentation faults...

 10:35:36 Running tests...
 10:35:36   util.conf...                                         success
 10:35:36   util.connection...                                   success
 10:35:36   util.proc...                                         success
 10:35:37   util.system...                                       success
 10:35:44   interpreter...                                       success
 10:35:44   version...                                           success
 10:35:44   manual...                                            success
 10:35:44   directory.authority...                               success
 10:35:44   directory.fallback...                                success
 10:35:44   client.connection...
 Segmentation fault
 10:35:44 + rc=139
 10:35:44 + echo '=== [build-wrapper] end ==='
 10:35:44 === [build-wrapper] end ===

 Nick and I both attempted to reproduce this locally with the latest repos
 (stem commit 86d5578, tor commit 5e70c27) and they pass.

 Per chance could this be related to our recent CI changes for #32879? It's
 unclear to me if python or tor is segfaulting. Maybe installing a
 different python 3.x version will help? Unfortunately without a local
 repro we're a bit stuck on how to resolve this.

 On a side note, if Jenkins installs git we will be able to confirm what
 Jenkins is testing. Its test output has...

 10:35:30                              INITIALISING
 10:35:30   stem version...                            1.8.0-dev
 10:35:30   tor version...                   
 10:35:30   python version...                          3.7.3
 10:35:30   operating system...                        Linux (debian 10.2)

 ... whereas if git is included the git versions will be added. Here's what
 I get locally...


   stem version...                            1.8.0-dev (commit 86d55785)
   tor version...                    (commit
   python version...                          3.7.0
   operating system...                        Linux (debian stretch/sid)


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