[tor-bugs] #32753 [Core Tor/Tor]: Tor should lower-case its BridgeDistribution string

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Fri Dec 13 19:24:39 UTC 2019

#32753: Tor should lower-case its BridgeDistribution string
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 See comment:8 in #32547, where phw tells a bridge operator that they need
 to set BridgeDistribution to "none", because using "None" is not right.

 That isn't a good user experience, and it's easy to fix.

 One option is that inside check_bridge_distribution_setting() when we do
 {{{if (!strcmp(bd, RECOGNIZED[i]))}}} we should do strcasecmp instead.
 That is, don't complain if it's a recognized value and the only issue is
 that it's not all lowercase.

 But a better option imo is that we lowercase it in place first, so that if
 the user types None, bridgedb still sees none.

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