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#32746: translations repo and jenkins: reduce builds
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 i have been thinking on how to use our resources more wisely regarding the
 translations and the websites.

 At this moment we are building many branches anew each time we push
 changes to our translations repository.

 This results on a situation when if there is people translating the
 support portal to Malayalam, which is still not published, and therefore
 making changes to the translation repository, the website is rebuild
 several times when there have been no actual changes to it.

 On the other hand, the quick updates are very useful for translators, and
 they use the staging version of the site a lot, since most of the
 translators work happens _before_ the website is released.

 But the lots of updates from translators and the amount of yet-incomplete
 languages that are built on the staging site causes some trouble to other
 web developers and confuses they development.

 So I propose the following scheduling in lektor-jenkins-translation

 master/staging/develop ---> when there is a change on this branches,
                             we pull the translation repo and update

 translations           ---> we rebuild when there are changes on the
                             AND changes on the translation repo branch as

 If we would want to update the translations in branches
 master/staging/develop, we should be able to do it simply by building from
 the web interface or similar.

 This way we can reduce the builds and make development less cumbersome,
 while also providing a quick preview of their changes to active

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