[tor-bugs] #32729 [Core Tor/Tor]: "hs_circuitmap_init: Assertion !the_hs_circuitmap failed" when repeating failed tests on Android

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Wed Dec 11 13:52:49 UTC 2019

#32729: "hs_circuitmap_init: Assertion !the_hs_circuitmap failed" when repeating
failed tests on Android
 Reporter:  eighthave  |          Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect     |         Status:  new
 Priority:  Medium     |      Component:  Core Tor/Tor
  Version:             |       Severity:  Normal
 Keywords:  Android    |  Actual Points:
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 Reviewer:             |        Sponsor:
 When repeated running the Android `TorService` test suite from
 https://gitlab.com/eighthave/tor-android, I occasionally received this

       main  src/feature/hs/hs_circuitmap.c:598: hs_circuitmap_init:
 Assertion !the_hs_circuitmap failed; aborting.
 TorService  Bug: Tor (git-7e55ab23311d00b6): Assertion
 !the_hs_circuitmap failed in hs_circuitmap_init at
 src/feature/hs/hs_circuitmap.c:598: . (Stack trace not available) (on Tor 7e55ab23311d00b6)
       libc  Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 in tid 862 (tor), pid 836
 TorService  ⇠ run [1425ms]
      DEBUG  #00 pc 00000af0  [vdso:f319a000] (__kernel_vsyscall+16)
             #01 pc 0001edf8  /system/lib/libc.so (syscall+40)
             #02 pc 0001f073  /system/lib/libc.so (abort+115)
             #03 pc 0025ab6e  /data/app/org.torproject.android.binary.test-
 FWLW5957oXEttHq4Pbyz4w==/lib/x86/libtor.so (tor_raw_abort_+31)
             #04 pc 0025673e  /data/app/org.torproject.android.binary.test-
 FWLW5957oXEttHq4Pbyz4w==/lib/x86/libtor.so (tor_abort_+31)
             #05 pc 0014df1d  /data/app/org.torproject.android.binary.test-
 FWLW5957oXEttHq4Pbyz4w==/lib/x86/libtor.so (hs_circuitmap_init+146)
             #06 pc 00154110  /data/app/org.torproject.android.binary.test-
 FWLW5957oXEttHq4Pbyz4w==/lib/x86/libtor.so (hs_init+39)
             #07 pc 000b17ac  /data/app/org.torproject.android.binary.test-
 FWLW5957oXEttHq4Pbyz4w==/lib/x86/libtor.so (tor_init+132)
             #08 pc 000b2033  /data/app/org.torproject.android.binary.test-
 FWLW5957oXEttHq4Pbyz4w==/lib/x86/libtor.so (tor_run_main+243)
             #09 pc 000b0933  /data/app/org.torproject.android.binary.test-
             #10 pc 000085c8  /data/app/org.torproject.android.binary.test-
 FWLW5957oXEttHq4Pbyz4w==/oat/x86/base.odex (offset 0x8000)
             #11 pc 000091ff  [anon:libc_malloc:e6980000]
             #12 pc 01114457  /dev/ashmem/dalvik-main space (region space)
             #13 pc 80e30d65  <unknown>

 * I think this only happened if Tor quit the test before due to bad
 command line args
 * it could be that the Android Test Orchestrator is reusing state that it
 shouldn't be https://developer.android.com/training/testing/junit-runner
 * "The Dalvik process hosting a typical app is forked off of zygote with
 all the common android libraries already mapped, so new unique copies
 don't have to be opened" https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9153166

 nickm said:
 > So there are at least two possibilities:
 > 1) tor is busted and is calling hs_circuitmap_init() more than it should
 > 2) tor is busted and is calling hs_circuitmap_free_all() less than it
 should there are probably more, like:
 > 3) there is a problem in the android harness, and it is trying to
 restart tor before it has shut down

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