[tor-bugs] #32709 [Core Tor/Tor]: hsv3: Support onionbalance keys when handling INTRO2 cells

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Tue Dec 10 11:14:37 UTC 2019

#32709: hsv3: Support onionbalance keys when handling INTRO2 cells
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 We have encountered a small issue with onionbalance viability for v3s.

 While the descriptor cross-certificates are no longer an issue (#29583),
 there is an issue with the ntor handshake during the INTRODUCE1/INTRODUCE2
 handshake between the client and service.

 In particular, as specified in rend-spec-v3.txt [NTOR-WITH-EXTRA-DATA] the
 subcredential (which includes the onion address) is used as part of the
 ntor key material to generate end-to-end encryption keys and MAC keys so
 that the service can communicate with the client:

    To make an INTRODUCE1 cell, the client must know a public encryption
    key B for the hidden service on this introduction circuit. The client
    generates a single-use keypair:
              x,X = KEYGEN()
    and computes:
              intro_secret_hs_input = EXP(B,x) | AUTH_KEY | X | B | PROTOID
              info = m_hsexpand | subcredential
              hs_keys = KDF(intro_secret_hs_input | t_hsenc | info,
              ENC_KEY = hs_keys[0:S_KEY_LEN]
              MAC_KEY = hs_keys[S_KEY_LEN:S_KEY_LEN+MAC_KEY_LEN]

 The issue here is that when the client prepares the INTRO1 cell, it uses
 the subcredential of the frontend OBv3 service, but the INTRO2 cell
 actually goes to a backend OBv3 instance which has a different
 subcredential.  This causes the backend instance to not be able to verify
 the MAC of the cell, and generally finish the ntor handshake....

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