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#32636: Clean up locales shipped with Tor Launcher
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:1 mcs]:
 > I am not sure what should be done for this ticket. The strategy for
 handling translations is different for Tor Launcher compared to Torbutton.

 That's true and is okay. What needs to get done is to adapt the locales to
 the code Mozilla is using as this got done server-side. E.g. we have now
 `sv-SE` we should use and not `sv` anymore. Otherwise the translations
 updating is not working anymore as expected. And while doing that there
 might be scripts we need to adapt. (You might easily see what we need to
 adapt by just fetching the latest translations)

 > For Torbutton, only locales listed in the `BUNDLE_LOCALES` variable
 within `import-translations.sh` are updated from Transifex, and we only
 ship some locales in Tor Browser (presumably, the set of locales listed in
 Torbutton's `jar.mn` file matches the set in `BUNDLE_LOCALES`).
 > For Tor Launcher, the `localization/import_translations` script updates
 from Transifex and keeps the .dtd and .properties files for every locale
 that (1) includes all necessary files and (2) has any translated strings.
 Then a new `jar.mn` file is generated that includes all available locales,
 which causes us to we ship all of the locales in Tor Browser. The original
 reason for not excluding any locales was that that another application
 that uses Tor Launcher might use a locale that we do not use in Tor
 Browser, but I don't think any other application uses our jar.mn file.
 > I have two questions for gk (or anyone):
 > 1. What do you mean by "removing the ones we don't support anymore?"
 Should we compare what is available in the translation.git repo with the
 locales that are in the Tor Launcher repo?

 Yes, and what Mozilla is actually providing. I suspect Tor Launcher is
 coming with more locales than the latter at least (`ru at petr1708`
 seriously? or `zh-CN.GB2312`) and it might make sense to reduce that so it
 matches better what Mozilla is providing as I think we won't be in a
 situation that Tor Launcher is shipped for a locale without a
 corresponding Mozilla one.

 > 2. Should we add a `BUNDLE_LOCALES` variable to Tor Launcher's
 `import_translations` script and use it to determine which locales are
 part of Tor Browser? I think reducing the locale-related lines that are
 added to the generated `jar.mn' file should be enough to reduce the set of
 locales that ship inside the browser. I don't see any harm in continuing
 to update Tor Launcher's locale files for locales that we don't ship,
 unless that creates too much pain when doing release work (updating

 I don't have a strong opinion here. Whatever works for you works for me.

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