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#25626: NoScript whitelist contains Monero pools?
     Reporter:  cypherpunks               |      Owner:  tbb-team
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 Tor Browser 7.5.2 linux64, automatically updated since TB 7.0.11 tar.xz to
 7.5 to 7.5.1 to 7.5.2

 I noticed today that my whitelist tab in NoScript's options has entries
 for Monero (XMR) pools on Monero-related domain names and Monero port
 numbers. I do not often check the tab showing the full whitelist in
 NoScript's options. I am experienced with NoScript and sometimes manually
 allow scripts but almost always as "temporary" (or adjust TorButton's
 security slider) unless I decide to permanently allow a site that I trust
 and visit often. I often manually revoke the temporary entries and adjust
 TorButton's security slider. I do not remember allowing these, but I have
 been using the same Tor Browser installation without a clean install since
 TBB 7.0.11, so I may have allowed them in the past and simply forgotten
 them. Despite that, I think I would remember allowing entries that have
 port numbers as these do.

 I have not noticed unusual processes or other activity that could be
 related to cryptocurrency.  As far as I know, there are no cryptocurrency
 programs installed.

 http: !//
 http: !//
 http: !// api.minexmr.com:8080
 http: !// iwanttoearn.mon [space] ey:8117
 http: !// minemonero.gq:8117
 http: !// minexmr.pooldd.com:8080
 http: !// monero.us.to:8117
 http: !// mro.poolto.be:8117
 http: !// pool.miners.pro:8117
 http: !// sheepman.mine.bz:8117
 http: !// sorgenlos.de
 http: !// stablemoneropool.com:8117
 http: !// teracycle.net:8117
 http: !// uims.de
 http: !// xmr.prohash.net:8117
 https: !// api.moneropool.nl:8180
 https: !// apis.google.com
 https: !// mixpools.org:8117
 https: !// monero.crypto-pool.fr:8091
 https: !// uims.de
 https: !// usxmrpool.com:8119
 https: !// web.xmrpool.eu:8119
 https: !// xmr.minercircle.com:8079
 https: !// xmr.riefly.id:8119

 Attached are screenshots of my whitelist tab showing these entries.

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