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#25562: Update Tor Browser Hacking page with Orfox instructions
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 Following #19675, we should update the build/hacking instructions for
 Orfox. We already have some information igt0 added, but now we can say
 "build TB alpha" (tor-browser-52.7.2esr-8.0-1). Unfortunately, it's not
 really that simple.

 I wonder if we should amend the "Building Orfox" part on our Hacking
 document a
 bit to reflect the new situation. FWIW: I needed to spent quite some time
 get the Android SDK thing to do what it was supposed to do, even after
 ./mach bootstrap. It seems to be the case that the bootstrap thing is
 downloading the r24 SDK, however at the end the build-tools r23.0.3 are
 missing. Trying to install them fails even with the SDK manager because I
 got offered r23.0.1 and the build system is insisting that it needs
 So, I ended up just sim-linking 23.0.1 -> 23.0.3 and that worked smoothly.
 :) I
 wonder though whether there is something more straightforward we can
 suggest on
 the doc...

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