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Tue Mar 20 01:34:02 UTC 2018

#25549: Add tor CI config for AppVeyor
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     Priority:  Medium        |  Milestone:  Tor: 0.3.4.x-final
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 At the Rome meeting, it was discussed (apparently, I wasn't there that
 time) to have an AppVeyor config for tor.  As I understand it (and please
 feel free to correct this ticket!), the idea is to have multiple CI
 systems running (which is a thing we already do!). For example, currently,
 we have [https://jenkins.torproject.org Jenkins] and we also have TravisCI
 for personal (Github-based) forks (as per #22636): Jenkins tests
 (essentially) (Debian package-based) builds on `master` and known
 (supported) tor versions, while Travis tests ''anything any developer
 pushes'' (albeit only for GCC/Clang on Linux, because everything else is

 We should setup an AppVeyor config for testing tor on Windows. Ideally, it
 should match the testing behaviour of our Jenkins/Travis builds, so that
 we don't get spurious errors on one system or another.

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