[tor-bugs] #25525 [Metrics/CollecTor]: Fix either spec or code regarding full path of sanitized webstats files

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Fri Mar 16 16:30:47 UTC 2018

#25525: Fix either spec or code regarding full path of sanitized webstats files
     Reporter:  karsten            |      Owner:  metrics-team
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 This issue came up when discussing webstats tarballs that I created the
 other day: what file structure should these tarballs have, internally.

 Turns out we already specified this file structure in
 Section 5.4 of the Protocol of CollecTor's File Structure]:

   ''"'webstats' contains compressed log files structured and named
 according to the 'Tor web server logs' specification, section 4.3 [0]."''

 And Section 4.3 of the referenced specification says:

   ''"Sanitized log files may additionally be sorted into directories by
 virtual host and date as in:

 So, I'd say this is sufficiently specified.

 However, the current structure of CollecTor's `out/` directory is
 different, as
 implemented here]:

     this.storagePath = Paths.get(
         this.desc.getLogDate().format(yearPattern), // year
         this.desc.getLogDate().format(monthPattern), // month
         this.desc.getLogDate().format(dayPattern), // day

 Note the ''day'' part which does not exist in the specification.

 So, we'll either have to fix the specification or the code. I don't feel
 strongly which one we change. But let's make a decision really soon,
 before I start reprocessing archives due to #25522. Therefore setting
 priority to High.

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